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Tips to Build Your Own Compact Kitchen: 20 Photos

Compact kitchen: today’s post is all dedicated to it, this small and fundamental part of the house. And, far more than it may seem, compact kitchens are not limited to their small size. This type of kitchen knows how anyone take advantage of the little space that has available to turn the environment into a hundred percent beautiful, practical and functional place.

Do you know why? The great trick of a compact kitchen is called planning. That’s it! This little word defines this type of cuisine very well. With planning it is possible to create a kitchen of dreams, even if it is very small.

Here are the tips we have prepared so you can start planning your compact kitchen today:

Tips for having a perfect kitchenette

Scribble, sketch, plan

As we have already mentioned, the secret of a compact kitchen is called planning. It turns out that this planning needs to be done even before you buy the first appliance or the first cabinet. Everything should be thought of, structured and planned so as to obtain the best possible use of the spaces, as well as you have conditions to analyze the main positive and negative points of the environment, such as natural light in abundance? Is there ventilation? What is the shape of the kitchen – square, rectangular? Is it integrated into the other environments of the home, such as living or dining? Answer all of these questions and sketch everything on paper to better visualize all the features of your kitchen.


Made the initial planning is time to think of the lighting of the kitchen compact with lots of love and care. Well-designed and well-thought-out lighting can work miracles in small environments. The tip here, therefore, is: if you have a good entrance to natural light take advantage of that and allow that light to invade the environment, but if you do not have that possibility, bet on well-distributed artificial lighting with central points and decorating, using, for example, led strips on the shelves and under-counter lamps. And even if you have a good entrance to natural light, it is also worth betting on an indirect lighting to ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen at night.

Attention to coatings

The coatings, whatever they are, are an integral part of any kitchen, after all they help in cleaning and decorating the space. And since you can not get away from them, the tip is to choose coatings in light colors, especially for the floor, already on the walls, avoid using coatings with much visual information. If you choose something like this, choose only one wall strip to insert the most colorful and embossed coating. A good suggestion for those who want a modern compact kitchen is to bet on the subway tiles that are super high and guarantee a clean and soft decoration. For those who prefer a more rustic and cozy touch, you can invest in wood-based porcelain tiles, which bring the comfort of the wood together with the practicality of a ceramic floor.

Colors for compact environments

Another trick to cherishing a compact kitchen is to bet on light and neutral colors, such as Off-white tones and earthy tones, for example. Make the colors stronger and more vibrant for detail. If you want, for example, a red kitchen, choose to put this color in the appliances and utensils, keeping the base white. The same goes for those who dream of a black compact kitchen. When in doubt, go from a compact white kitchen and insert colors in a balanced and harmonic way, always taking care not to overload the space that is already small.

From glass to wood

Compact kitchens benefit from materials such as glass, wood and stainless steel, as well as modern, elegant and timeless, these materials help create a sense of spaciousness in space, especially glass, thanks to its transparency.

Furniture and cabinets for the kitchen

The furniture and cupboards for the kitchenette can give you a nice headache. That’s because you’ll hardly be able to find ready furniture that fits perfectly in the space you have available. The solution then what is it? Go to a planned kitchen. Yes, it will cost you a little more expensive, it’s true. But think about value for money. A planned kitchen will completely optimize your space and will ensure the beauty and functionality required for space.

To ensure even more practicality in the kitchen, prefer sliding door cabinets and, where possible, opt for multi-functional furniture, such as a bench that also serves as a table. Retractable and fold-able furniture is also a good demand for small size kitchens.

We can not but mention the shelves and niches. They are a hand in the wheel in small environments, helping both the organization and practicality, as well as the decoration of the environment.

Do not forget the workbench.

And of course the compact kitchen will need a counter-top, after all, it’s what everything happens: food preparation, dish washing, and other things from day to day. Generally, the first idea that goes through the head is to make a granite counter-top , which is the material most used for this purpose. But we invite you here to reflect on other possibilities, such as Silestone , stainless steel and even wood . Remember also that the counter-top can also serve as a support for various objects and appliances, so it is worth sacrificing an area of ​​the kitchen to increase the size of the bench, including for you to have more comfort in the household chores.

What about the eletros?

All kitchen has appliances, among the main ones we can mention refrigerator, stove or cook top, oven, blender and microwave. So when planning your compact kitchen it is recommended that you already have in mind which of these electros will buy, so it is already possible to determine in advance the space that will be needed for each one of them. Some you may choose to leave stored in the cupboard, others must be left exposed, as is the case of the refrigerator and stove. That is, think of appliances as an integral and indispensable part of the compact kitchen and insert them into the project as soon as possible.

20 compact kitchen models for you to get inspired

Did you write down all the tips? So how about checking out a selection of kitchen kitchens to inspire your project? Come and see:

Picture 1 – White compact kitchen illuminated by led strips below the cabinets.

Picture 2 – Compact kitchen for integrated environments; note that the kitchen occupies only one of the walls.

Picture 3 – Kitchen that does not have kitchen face! Look how the wood turns the look of this little environment.

Picture 4 – And what about a compact kitchen closed by glass doors? A luxury only!

Picture 5 – White and black compact kitchen integrated to the dining room and living room.

Picture 6 – A classic and retro touch in this compact kitchen beyond charming.

Picture 7 – Compact to the extreme! But notice that the planning allowed the kitchen to not lose functionality, even being small.

Picture 8 – Compact kitchen with yellow furniture; notice the trick of demarcating the environment with a colorful strip that runs through the ceiling and walls.

Picture 9 – Compact kitchen full of natural light! Highlight also for the granite floor.

Picture 10 – White kitchen with details in light wood; the color combination enhances the natural light coming from the window.

Picture 11 – Compact kitchen with planned cabinets: the best cost benefit for small spaces.

Picture 12 – The lighting system is the highlight of this other compact kitchen.

Picture 13 – White kitchen of apartment; note that only one strip of ceramic coating was used on the wall to not overload the space.

Picture 14 – This tone of mint green is the charm of this small kitchen.

Picture 15 – Light colors and built-in electrics to enhance the kitchen’s reduced space.

Picture 16 – Everything you need on a single wall.

Picture 17 – Shelves and a folding table to save space in the kitchenette.

Picture 18 – Compact kitchen with counter: perfect solution for integrated environments.

Picture 19 – A differentiated floor to mark the environment.

Picture 20 – Do you have room for a red refrigerator in your kitchen?


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