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Small TV Rooms : Tips and References

Decorating a small TV room can have its challenges – circulation space is one of them. In small apartment rooms, in addition to restricted space, there is often access to the balcony – in these cases the panel, TV and sofa cannot obstruct or make the passage uncomfortable.

Following some basic tips, it is possible to have a harmonious, balanced and comfortable decoration, after all, it is in this environment that we receive visitors, friends and family. The TV room must be the residence’s business card. Evaluating the footage is essential, as is estimating the spaces occupied by each item.

Practical Tips for Decorating Small TV Rooms

1. Use only the essentials
Insert only the essentials in the environment: sofa, armchairs, ottomans, bench, panel, rug, curtain, lighting and decorative objects.

2. Sofa
The sofa is the main choice of this space, so invest in a minimalist style, but not forgetting the comfort. The lower, armless, shallow, neutral colors enhance the look of the room. The choice of the most extensive models guarantees the comfort necessary to watch TV accompanied or even lying down.

3. Carpet
Will you reunite the family at home to watch a series or movie? Choose soft, fuzzy rugs to put in the living room so everyone can get comfortable, including lying or leaning against the cushions or sofa.

4. Poufs
Poufs are a great choice for decorating, fulfilling different functions in decoration. In addition to being used as a seat, it can be used as a table or to support the legs when watching TV.

The good thing is that it has various color models and prints to match the style of your room.

5. Light colors
For small environments, light colors are recommended – they make the environment light, bright and have a good feeling of spaciousness. The minimalist decorating style folds by the use of few elements and it can be a good choice to keep the place without too much information or with the heavy look.

6. TV panel
A wall-mounted or panel-mounted TV is the best way to take advantage of space in a small room, avoiding the use of conventional counter-tops or racks that have a larger volume.

7. Use niches and shelves
Niches and shelves on the wall are recommended for decorating and supporting decorative objects. They do not disturb circulation and their use is a great way to gain more space.

8. Mirrors
The mirror remains a requirement in any small environment. Many projects choose a mirrored panel to embed the TV into – you can also compose a wood panel with side mirrors, with a similar result.

9. Curtains
Curtains are essential for controlling natural lighting, directly influencing reflections on the television. To maintain a clean composition, use light, light colored fabrics or some kind of transparency, such as voile fabric.

10. And lastly, pillows!
Finally, decorate your living room with many pillows on the sofa, and bring comfort, they give a touch of personality, following the taste of the residents.

Photos of small TV rooms for inspiration

To help you out, here are some tips and solutions for designing your room:

By following these tips and taking inspiration from our image gallery your TV room will have a good size result and beautiful decor. See and choose your favorite:

Picture 1 – Design of TV room with minimalist style.

Picture 2 – Sofa with chaise is a good alternative to have more comfort.

Picture 3 – The niches occupy little circulation space and are great for keeping decorative objects.

Picture 4 – This room has a small coffee table.

Picture 5 – TV set in glass panel.

Picture 6 – In this proposal, the room has a wood panel with illuminated lateral niches.

Picture 7 – TV room with gray paint.

Picture 8 – Narrow room with high ceiling.

Picture 9 – Living room with built-in TV.

Picture 10 – Room with clean decoration.

Image 11 – Example of a project using space to fix the TV.

Picture 12 – For those who prefer a more intimate space.

Picture 13 – Simple Room with mounted TV on wall

Picture 14 – Project of room with TV embedded in the panel.

Picture 15 – Room with minimalist decoration, with few striking elements and objects.

Picture 16 – Work the lighting to have a different environment.

Picture 17 – TV room with brick wall in sight.

Picture 18 – TV room with wood panel and mirrors on the sides.

Picture 19 – TV room with bench.

Picture 20 – TV room with colorful decoration.

Picture 21 – Living room with TV built in mirrored panel.

Picture 22 – TV room with yellow decoration.

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