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Playground: What it is, how to assemble, tips and 20 inspiring photos

Jump, run, climb and slip. There is nothing better than playing when you are a child, but here comes the dilemma: how to provide a suitable space for the little ones indoors? The solution is in a playground.

The playground can be mounted indoors or outdoors and do not worry about the size of the space you have available, the play can happen in a few square meters.

Follow this post with us that we will give you valuable tips on how to build a super cool playground for the kids, come see:

Tips for setting up the playground

  • Make a sketch of the space where the playground will be set up and based on this drawing go inserting each of the toys, so it is easier to determine what goes in and what not in the play;
  • Still talking about space, it is important to keep a free area for the little ones so that they can move smoothly and develop their own games;
  • Choose toys according to the age range of the children;
  • Explore colors, shapes and textures on the playground, this is great for stimulating children’s creativity.
  • Let the children participate in assembling and choosing toys, they will have fun being part of this project;
  • If you don’t have outside space to set up a playground, consider doing it indoors. An indoor playground can be set up inside a child’s room or in an unused room, if you think about it you will always have a corner available for the leisure of the little ones;
  • Provide children with toys that stimulate creativity, autonomy and the development of motor coordination; set aside electronic and automatic options;
  • Playground space should be free of hazardous objects and materials such as tools. Remember that this is a space intended especially for children and should be safe for them;
  • Stairs, low walls and slopes on the ground should be given special attention not to compromise the safety of the playground;

What toys to use on the playground?

Whenever you think of playground, the classic toys such as slide, swing and seesaw come to mind. But do the options end here? Of course not! Check out the list below with options for playground toys (besides those already mentioned above):

  • Sandbox;
  • Climb climbing;
  • Climbing wall;
  • Basketball table;
  • Hopscotch;
  • Rope;
  • Dart board;
  • Area for painting and drawing;
  • Toy box (strollers, ball, dolls, etc.).

Playground safety

Safety is as important as fun. Therefore, do not neglect this important item. The tip here is to look for floors that cushion possible impacts and falls. The most suitable are rubberized ones, but you can also use synthetic grass.

Toys with a height of over 60 centimeters should have an even greater reinforcement on the floor, so provide mattresses, those used in the gym, for example. Also pay attention to the quality of the materials with which the toys were produced and their state of preservation, especially in the case of opting for a used playground.

Wooden parts can deteriorate over time, so always keep the playground up to date.

Plastic toys, on the other hand, tend to overheat when exposed to the sun, and may even cause burns to children, in which case avoid use at the hottest times of the day or install them in a warm place. Shade

Kinds of playground and where to buy

There are different types of playground available in the market. The most common are those made of plastic, but there is still the option of toys in wood, bamboo and metal.

Another very interesting alternative is the playground made with recyclable materials. It is worth betting on tires to make swings, seesaws, climbing among other toys. The PVC pipes also prove to be great toys, with them you can mount a climbing jungle and the structure of the ball pool, for example.

On the internet you can find all kinds of playground toys, many even on sale. The Free Market site and American stores, for example, concentrate most playground sellers.

Still on the internet you can find manufacturers of wooden playground toys, if you choose this type of material.

But note this tip: Do a good market research before buying the toys, the difference between prices is very large.

20 playground designs to inspire you

In times of overexposure to screens and less and less room to play, a home playground is the right choice for dads looking to provide a quality childhood for their children. That’s why we’ve brought 60 photo inspirations so you can set up an amazing playground for the kids at home. Check it out:

Picture 1 – Playground mounted near the garden of the house, with the right to the running track and soccer goal.

Picture 2 – Indoor playground with toy that stimulates the coordination of the little ones.

Picture 3 – Playground made with tires; The tip here is to use the material to create a climbing wall.

Picture 4 – Indoor playground with climbing wall and wooden house; Note the mats placed below the wall to cushion possible falls.

Picture 5 – Large and spacious playground set in the backyard of the house.

Picture 6 – Rope bridge and wooden house to animate the game in this playground.

Picture 7 – Beautiful view of playground made with tree trunks.

Picture 8 – Slips, rises and falls: all in one toy.

Picture 9 – Toys literally connected to each other.

Picture 10 – Playground inspired by Spiderman.

Picture 11 – What a special place for children! The wooden house houses a club on the top and an area of ​​pure creativity below; Note that the space can be used on sunny or rainy days.

Picture 12 – A simple structure of wood forms this house of the internal playground.

Picture 13 – The synthetic grass is beautiful and still helps to cushion impacts on the playground.

Picture 14 – The dream of any child! A playhouse – life size.

Image 15 – In this play, the option was to use pebbles and sand on the floor.

Picture 16 – Tubes for climbing and exploring.

Picture 17 – Idea of ​​large playground ideal for condos and other places of shared use such as kindergartens and schools.

Picture 18 – Playground of wooden beams; Creativity is the mother of games around here.

Picture 19 – Wow! This play is to leave even the gaping adults!

Picture 20 – Use reinforced nylon canvas for children to explore the heights.

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