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Planned Homes: 35 Inside and Out Project Ideas

A planned home, inside and out, is a home that considers the lifestyle and routine of its residents. From this concept, it is possible to understand that a large house is not always the most suitable for a given family, just as it is often preferable to value social spaces over private ones, if the profile of residents demands it. Architectural design must take these — and many others — into consideration to provide the family with the best place in the world to live.

That is why it is important to have the help of a professional, be it an architect or an engineer, so that together with the residents, you can define every detail of the construction. This professional will also be responsible for assessing the terrain, soil quality, possible unevenness and positioning of the house in relation to the sun, so that each room is designed according to the need for sunlight.

With the design of the house in hand since the beginning of construction it is possible to carefully, functionally and aesthetically determine each room of the house, as well as the dimensions of each space, define the best place for doors and windows, among other points. After all, no one wants to suffer from renovation and breakage in the near future because the house left something to be desired and was far from expectation.

35 house models designed to inspire you
To clarify your ideas and help you plan yours as best you can, we put together in this post a selection of planned homes, inside and out. Enjoy and show the pictures you liked the most to the professional responsible for your home, maybe you can do something similar?

Picture 1 – Planned houses: what one sees outside, one sees inside.

In a planned house, the architectural style that is on the facade remains inside the property. This is important to ensure the characteristics of the residents in all environments while promoting even more personality and comfort to the home.

Picture 2 – Planned house: planned facade of modern style.

Picture 3 – Planned houses: the location of the house can determine changes in the project.

Picture 4 – Colors and materials of the facade are also defined in the design of planned houses.

Picture 5 – Planned houses: what does the family need? Backyard, garage, a garden?

Picture 6 – Landscaping also goes into the planning of planned homes.

If residents are interested in adding gardens, flower beds and other landscape elements to the house facade, it is important to discuss this with the architect, so that the house can be planned based on these items.

Picture 7 – Planned houses: rustic facade made of stones.

Picture 8 – House planned without walls.

Picture 9 – Roof model is defined in the planning of the house.

Picture 10 – Beautiful day and night.

Picture 11 – Valued lighting in planned houses.

In this house, natural lighting has been valued. This can be noted by the use of translucent covers.

Picture 12 – Planned houses: when the sun hits, which rooms of your house will be illuminated?

Picture 13 – If the use of the spaces is not well planned at the beginning, you may soon suffer reforms to resolve the situation.

Picture 14 – Planned houses: prioritizing the green spaces was fundamental in this project.

Image 15 – Privacy is no problem in this project.

Picture 16 – Planned houses: enhanced security.

If the concern is for the safety and protection of residents, invest in gate and high railings. However, to leave the beauty of the façade in sight, prefer hollow bars like the ones in the image.

Picture 17 – How many vacancies do you need? Define it too.

Picture 18 – Simple facade of planned house.

Picture 19 – Madeira enhances the architecture of this planned house.

Picture 20 – Steep street with planned house, angulation needs to be considered.

Picture 21 – All the details of the planned houses.

This single-storey house does not have lush architecture, but enchants for simplicity. Every detail has been designed to make the house lavish functionality and beauty. An example is the wall sconces and the garden, both with a dual function in the project.

Picture 22 – Classic planned house, simple and functional.

Picture 23 – Planned houses: garage area has been covered by a wooden pergola.

Picture 24 – Steps and ramp: think about the accessibility of your home.

Picture 25 – Leafy garden at the entrance of the planned house.

Picture 26 – Planned house with glass facade.

A glass facade may be a dream come true, but before you get into the idea, consider whether the place where the house will be built fits the style. Remember that in this case, much of the house’s interior area will be visible from the street, reducing the security and privacy of residents.

Picture 27 – Planned house with iron gate.

Picture 28 – It is possible to have a planned home without over committing the budget.

Picture 29 – Now, if you can invest a little more, be inspired by this planned home model.

Picture 30 – Plan your home in a sustainable way; In the picture the solar roof stands out.


Rooms for planned homes

Picture 31 – Room and home office together in the planned house.

Conjugated environments are the trend of the moment and there is no way to escape this, especially due to the shrinking size of houses and apartments. Take advantage of this situation and integrate the rooms like this one in an organized and planned way.

Picture 32 – Valuable corners in planned houses.

The bottom of the steps in this room served perfectly as a bookcase to accommodate the books. The light shades of the environment help to leave the planned room with a greater sense of spaciousness.

Picture 33 – Plan everything in detail.

Picture 34 – Planned and colorful house.

The vibrant shade of blue marks this planned room. But the great charm of this room is the hanging closet running through the L-shaped walls. To get to it you need to use the metal ladder attached to the rail.

Picture 35 – Everything white in these integrated environments.

Light, neutral colors like white are great for making the environment wider, clean and harmonious. In this case, the white predominates, but it could be mixed with a more vibrant tone without prejudice to the aesthetics of the room.

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