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Modern TV room: 30 models, designs and photos

The modern TV room has become a popular family environment; after all with the fast-paced lifestyle, television becomes the meeting point for watching a movie in the free time. Therefore, the decoration of this environment calls for special attention, with modern touches that bring warmth and that accompany the personality of the residents.

As we are talking about decorating the modern TV room , consider neutral colors that mostly match black. The dark colors make the room much more cozy and the black tone alone conveys the elegance.

On the walls, curtains are ideal to make the atmosphere more cozy! We recommend that it be installed to the floor, occupying the entire wall to give the feeling that the window is larger and the environment more linear. As well as wood, whether in coatings or woodwork, which add more warmth and help in the modernity of the TV room.

The TV is the most important item and you should take certain precautions when choosing and the place of installation. Avoid leaving the screen in front of windows and balconies, as natural lighting disturbs the reflection, impairing the display of the image of the device. The height of the position of the television should be proportional to the sofa and the distance between them.

A simple tip is to divide the viewer’s distance and the TV by 5 to choose the correct inch size. Already the minimum height is 1.20 m from the ground, so the field of view is respected and the position is comfortable. So check the correct measurements of the room so that there are no ergonomic errors in the design!

30 decorating ideas for a cozy, sophisticated modern TV room

To make it easier for you to see, we have separated some projects that help to set up a modern TV room , without forgetting the different types of rooms that receive different proposals!

Modern cinema-style TV room

Picture 1 – Prioritize comfort above all!

Nothing better than having a movie theater indoors. So a beautiful sofa is not the only feature that matters at the time of purchase, check the comfort to make this moment even more special. Some pillows can help make the position even more comfortable!

Picture 2 – Modern TV room with home theater.

Picture 3 – Armchairs can replace a beautiful sofa.

Generally, the armchairs carry more comfort than the couch itself. And for the movie theater there is no better option! Taking into account the much higher cost sometimes compensates for the comfort and size of the environment.

Picture 4 – Sofa for large TV room.

Picture 5 – Modern TV room can gain projector for a better effect.

This is one of the elements that make the room even more similar to the cinema. Despite having an easy installation, make sure it is the best option for your room. If it is too small, a larger television may already be enough.

Picture 6 – Distribute the layout across levels.

This layout is very reminiscent of the cinema, but instead of armchairs sofas were installed on two levels. This requires building a platform of the proper height so that viewing the image will not disturb anyone sitting at the top.

Picture 7 – Two rooms in the same environment: an ideal place for fun.

Picture 8 – Chaise and side tables let the cinema feel indoors.

Picture 9 – Dark colors are best for this type of room.

Picture 10 – Pillows and quilts are welcome to decorate and make the environment more cozy.

Leave a few cushions and blankets scattered around the armchairs and sofas if needed when watching the movie. They still decorate and make the environment much more inviting and welcoming!

Picture 11 – Modern TV room decoration panel

For a modern TV room panel, look for a minimalist, contemporary design. Few details with great materials and finishes say more than a panel full of niches and shelves.

Modern children’s TV room for children

Picture 12 – Toy library and TV room decorated.

Picture 13 – The separation takes place by a sliding door, which takes privacy to the two rooms.

This idea is ideal for those with children at home. While serving as a TV room, it can be like a playroom and study corner. This way the house stays organized, with no toys scattered around the corridors and other rooms.

Picture 14 – Games room with TV room.

Integrated modern TV room

Picture 15 – Small modern TV room: the hollow partition was the perfect solution to integrate the environments with different functions.

The hollow finish can lead to the integration of environments without hiding the rest of the environments. They are lightweight and creatively and discreetly decorate any integrated environment!

Picture 16 – Living room can become a cozy place to watch TV.

The most classic project for an apartment is to integrate the spaces harmoniously, without disturbing the function of each place. To this end, try to match the decoration with the same style and so that privacy is worked by all this social area.

Picture 17 – The TV panel is composed of a system that closes the home office space.

This way it does not disturb the functions of each space, if another resident wants to use the room.

Picture 18 – For integrated environments, look for the same style line in the decoration.

Picture 19 – Modern TV room with black and white decoration.

Picture 20 – Modern decorated TV room.

Picture 21 – The TV room is integrated by all social environments of this house.

This TV room, while having adequate privacy, integrates naturally with other environments of this residence.

Picture 22 – The central beanbag gives footrest, as does a central table.

Picture 23 – TV space and home office in the same environment.

Picture 24 – The panel can divide the room from the room.

Picture 25 – Modern TV room integrated into the dining room.

Picture 26 – Sofa with chaise are preferred for TV room.

Picture 27 – The furniture created for the TV was the key point of this project.

The panel and sideboard gained a harmonic combination for this neutral room. The touch of color broke the clean look, bringing personality and youthfulness to the place.

Picture 28 – The carpet can delimit the space.

Picture 29 – Modern TV room with rustic decoration.

Picture 30 – Wood brings all the cozy touch that the room needs.

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