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Modern Kitchens: 15 Ideas For You To Be Inspired

You may have seen countless photos of large kitchens, neutral tones and functional furniture. What you may not know is that these are some of the key features of modern kitchens. If you like this style, but do not know very well how to use it there in your kitchen, then be sure to follow this post. Let’s explain everything about modern kitchens, one by one, check out:

What is modern style?

Before you want to decorate the kitchen following the modern style, it is important to know, recognize and identify this decoration proposal. The concept “modern” in interior decoration originates next to the modernist school of arts and arose in the first half of the twentieth century.

The modernists revolutionized architecture with an aesthetic based on the idea of ​​”less is more”, even serving as a basis for styles that would emerge shortly thereafter, such as the minimalist and the contemporary.

The modern decor is before anything useful and functional. Nothing that integrates modern aesthetics is irrelevant or unnecessary. Know below other important characteristics of the modern style of decoration:

Characteristics of a modern kitchen


Brightness is a hallmark of modern kitchens. In addition to leaving the environment naturally lighter, the light also helps create an amplitude effect, which is also very important in this style of decoration.

To make the kitchen brighter bet on large windows, using mirrored materials that reflect light and in light colors.

Neutral tones

Another brand of modern style are the neutral tones. They can come in both darker and lighter shades. The tip is: if you have a small kitchen, prefer light colors, but if your kitchen is large and with high ceilings, the dark colors can be used without fear.

If you have decided to follow the pale tones palette bet on colors such as white, light gray, sky blue, coral and green leaf. If the intention is to venture into dark and closed tones, opt for the shades of black, dark blue, burgundy, dark gray and wood.


Functionality above all else. Remember this by decorating the kitchen in the modern style. Look for multifunctional furniture such as counters that serve as cabinets, furniture retractors and models that optimize space.

Do not overload the kitchen with unnecessary objects and furniture. The creation of free areas is essential in this style.


Integrated environments are another strong trend of modern style decorations, so it is so common to see kitchens integrated into the living room or dining room.

The modern concept values ​​much for the coexistence and interaction and for that nothing better than to unite environments.

Free and breathing areas

The more free space in the kitchen the better and more modern it will be. One tip to get these areas of respite is to opt for shelves, niches and air cabinets as a way to vacate the floor.

If your kitchen is large choose to use an island in the center, so the environment is not too impersonal and you get another element that is modern and functional.

Put the walls in the decoration

Since the modern concept calls for free areas, use the walls to bring visual information. In this case, the best request is to invest in coatings that carry the style and personality of the residents. Use stickers, subway tiles, tiles, bricks, lozenges, among other options, but attention to detail: do not need to coat all the walls, choose only one to create contrast.

Straight lines

Did you see furniture with straight lines? So most likely you are in front of a modern kitchen. This is one of the characteristics that integrate this concept of decoration. Straight lines on furniture, countertops and appliances help to make the environment more uniform, clean and stable.

The absence of discreet knobs or handles also fits into the modern decorating style.


Glass, stainless steel and acrylic are the preferred materials for the modern decoration of kitchens. They follow the same pattern of visual uniformity, cleanliness, and neutrality proper to modernism. But they are not the only materials of the modern style, it is also possible to find wood and leather in these kitchens, especially when the intention is to enhance the warm and cozy aspect of the environment.

15 ideas of modern kitchens to inspire you

Now that you know how to identify a modern kitchen, how about checking out some pictures of modern kitchens so you can be inspired? We made a passionate selection with modern kitchens of all kinds: with bench, with island, planned, simple. Observe each one and be enchanted with the different proposals:

Picture 1 – Modern corridor kitchen: light and dark neutral tones sharing the same space with all harmony.


Picture 2 – Nothing in excess, only what is needed.


Picture 3 – Blue is also modern, especially when it comes alongside gray and black.


Picture 4 – Straight lines, neutral colors and lots of natural light, what style is this?


Picture 5 – Since it is to be functional, use niches to organize and decorate your kitchen at the same time.


Picture 6 – Modern gray kitchen: the marble flooring on the wall gives the touch of sophistication to the environment.


Picture 7 – Modern gray kitchen: the marble flooring on the wall gives the touch of sophistication to the environment.


Picture 8 – Black kitchen to create that modern atmosphere and full of style that everyone loves.


Picture 9 – The handles of this cabinet stand out by the differentiated tone, but still they are still sober and discreet.


Picture 10 – Bet on a presence lamp to complete the decoration of the modern kitchen.


Picture 11 – Bet on a presence lamp to complete the decor of the modern kitchen.


Picture 12 – Modern kitchens: integration is the key to this modern kitchen.


Image 13 – Integration is the key to this modern kitchen.


Picture 14 – Modern kitchens: the American counter facilitates the interaction and the conviviality between the environments.


Picture 15 – Here in this kitchen is the wall covered with tiles that stands out.


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