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Male bathroom: 35 decorating ideas with photos and designs

Creating a decor for a men ‘s room is much simpler than it sounds. In interior design, there is not so much distinction today about what would be a masculine decoration and a feminine decoration, but some aspects of decoration already created long ago make us associate many shapes, colors and objects to what would be masculine or feminine.

Straight lines, for example, darker colors such as black, blue, green and brown, are closely associated with masculine, with a more serious mood, while curves, light and warm colors such as red, yellow and pink , are associated with the feminine because they have a more delicate and romantic aspect.

About these types of decorations, what really matters is the mood one wants to move into this environment, with a consistent color chart, cladding and decor that goes well with this style that is being created. So when we talk about men’s bathroom decor, we can take into account these details of lines and colors, but the decor must essentially be related to the person who will live with it. Therefore, it is possible to make the “masculine environment” less serious and more relaxed by using warm curves and colors where appropriate.

In this article, we’ll talk about various types of styles that can be applied in men’s bathrooms , whether they are collective – for bars, lounges and restaurants, fitness centers and other spaces – or individual for homes and apartments. In our gallery you will find many tips and images to be inspired when setting up your bathroom! Come on?

Themed Men’s Bathroom
The bathroom may be an environment that many people do not pay much attention to when decorating, but whether it is a business establishment or a residence, it is always necessary to have a well decorated bathroom. For this reason, to draw more people’s attention, designers are investing in a thematic decoration, with a bolder and more creative design for this environment.

At this time, the locker room-style bathrooms stand out, earning a decor inspired by football and basketball, games most famous for their male leagues. The sports-inspired décor ensures a colorful and relaxed atmosphere.

Electronic games, especially the 1980s arcade games, also invade this space to create a different and extremely simple décor because of their easy-to-reproduce pixel-style graphics with already square-shaped hydraulic tiles.

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Apply your favorite style creatively in this environment
Another way to decorate is with ready-made styles that are associated with masculine, such as industrial and modern style, which combine the style and functionality of objects in space. This ensures the environment a cleaner climate, leaving the protagonist for the structural elements of the decor, such as sink lines, coatings and box, as well as taps, shower and registers, which appear in many environments in silver, gold and copper.

In addition, the clean environment brings the idea of ​​a simpler decoration that also demonstrates elegance. The straight lines of the masculine decoration do not demand as much ornamentation as the one considered more feminine, guaranteeing a visual cleaning in the environment.

These types of environments, without much ornamentation, may end up looking colder, especially those based on colors such as gray, blue and black. Therefore, it is worth thinking of a more punctual decorative element, such as a little plant to bring more life to the environment.

For the industrial style, we can also emphasize the presence of apparent plumbing, giving a factory-type or shed-like feel to the space.

Gallery: 35 Images Of Men’s Toilets
Now take a look at our gallery of different men’s toilet styles:

Picture 1 – Men’s bathroom: door decoration making a shadow play with the floor.

Picture 2 – Mirror shaped male silhouette in bathroom decoration.

Picture 3 – Collective men’s bathroom: industrial decoration with detail for the football numbers on the doors.

Picture 4 – The design of the bathroom incorporated in the doors of the individual booths.

Picture 5 – For a men’s room, it is worth using the classic color: blue.

Picture 6 – Fun wall decoration for a relaxed air in the bathroom.

Picture 7 – Male bathroom in cold colors and straight lines with detail for lighting and taps.

Picture 8 – Small and minimalist male bathroom with ceiling and deck type floor.

Picture 9 – For commercial establishments, think of a differentiation of bathrooms to get attention and no one miss the door.

Picture 10 – Divide the light points into a more industrial type of decoration.

Picture 11 – Small men’s bathroom in blue and white.

Picture 12 – Blue + B&W: Large men’s bathroom.

Picture 13 – Matte black tablets for bathroom decoration.

Picture 14 – Urban style with stone, copper and a little bit of nature in concrete blocks.

Picture 15 – Luxury men’s bathroom in straight lines and stone.

Picture 16 – Alternative lighting to make the mood more intimate.

Picture 17 – Male collective bathroom: urinals in a different and colorful design.

Picture 18 – Men’s bathroom in rustic style with wood, iron and copper.

Picture 19 – Men’s bathroom: detail of triple mirror sink for shaving.

Picture 20 – Male cabin style bathroom in small urban style, super fun and dancing.

Picture 21 – Another style for cabin type bathroom with other ornaments in B&W.

Picture 22 – Glazed green, blue and purple finish for a public men’s room.

Picture 23 – Public bathroom with separate cabins and shared washbasin: wall paint with metallic paint for a more luxurious effect.

Picture 24 – Chrome men’s bathroom cabin doors: very stylish and bright.

Picture 25 – Steampunk style men’s bathroom with golden ducts and cabin with separate toilet from urinals.

Picture 26 – Minimalist and industrial style: base in the color and texture of the burnt cement

Picture 27 – Contemporary men’s bathroom with frosted finish, plenty of shelves and cold and warm color contrast.

Picture 28 – Another industrial style based on steampunk: apparent plumbing and as a copper door handle.

Picture 29 – Collective men’s room in red: action movie posters based on this color.

Picture 30 – Minimal marble: for a men’s bathroom, the ideal is always to use straighter lines, except for the bathtub and the sink.

Picture 31 – The gray of the concrete blends very well with the neon blue of the lights and the super vibrant yellow.

Picture 32 – Basing the bathroom on a type of stone makes it more sober and masculine, especially the dark stones.

Picture 33 – Green and blue are the most used when the question is to choose an auxiliary color for white or black.

Picture 34 – Brown on the wall also brings an interesting dark tone to the men’s room.

Picture 35 – Another super creative industrial style: collect items that can be salvaged and used in your decoration, such as metal tanks.

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