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Kitchen worktop: tips, materials and photos

The choice of kitchen counter top is essential in an interior design and one should pay particular attention to the material chosen, its strength, durability and main features, especially regarding installation: the material can be used in wet areas or even on the island. or on a gourmet counter top. The visual characteristics of the material also influence the end result, so one should choose the one that best suits the interior design.

What to consider before designing your kitchen counter top?

The recommended height for the kitchen worktop should be considered before installation. In general, the ideal bench is 90 cm high, to suit the height of people. This may change according to the project and varying according to the height of the residents.

Main types of kitchen counter tops and materials
To make you understand better, we have separated the main materials used in kitchen counter tops with practical and visual tips to inspire you.

Kitchen counter top with sink

Among the various bowl models available, the first consideration is whether the chosen model is single or double. When extra counter space is available, the double bowl can be used for storing dishes and dishes, while for small spaces, a single bowl is recommended. The model of the photo is different, where the sink is carved from the stone itself with a noble and modern finish.

American kitchen counter top

Gourmet American cuisine can have different types of material in the counter top composition, as shown in this example. In addition to the wet area worktop, there is the worktop and chairs. In these cases it is also important to pay attention to the distance between the benches for comfortable circulation.

Granite kitchen worktop

The granite is one of the stones with most popular choice when it comes to take the kitchen counter. Its cost is low, has good durability and can be applied even outdoors. The final aspect of the installation is a smooth and uniform stone. The main disadvantage is regarding the absorption of acids from food and it is recommended that water does not stand still in the piece to avoid possible stains. Polishing is recommended from time to time to conserve the part.

Wooden kitchen counter top

Wood is a material that refers to warmth and comfort and can be installed in the kitchen with due care. Ideally, the wood should be applied to the central island or gourmet counter top, avoiding direct contact with water.

Porcelain kitchen counter top

Porcelain is another very moisture resistant option, and in this example above, the stone was coated with white Portinari porcelain. The material is durable and manufactured with high technology, has wide color diversity and does not stain easily. In the installation, in addition to the stainless steel tanks, you can choose to use a bowl made of the same material.

Other Kitchen Counter top Materials

In addition to these materials, others may be used for the composition of the counter top. Among the noblest stones, Silestone and composite marbles are the most expensive items and may vary according to color and model. See all of them:


Silestone is a highly resistant and durable material, certainly one of the best options of composite marbles. One of its advantages is that the material is found in different colors such as blue, yellow, red and others: so you can elaborate the composition of the decoration with its environment.


Quartz is a variation of Silestone, but its price is slightly more affordable than the first option.


Nanoglass is another noble material made from resin and glass dust. One of its advantages is durability and strength, it does not stain easily or scratch.

Burnt cement

The burnt cement is a modern option to use as a base material for the kitchen, ideal for counter tops gourmet kitchens with islands and cook top. On the sink counter top, it should be treated by contact with water. The material refers to the rusticity of the environment.


Marble is a noble material to compose on the counter top and has its high cost. The stains shown may vary according to the type of stone chosen.


Corian is another material that follows the Silestone line, with similar characteristics and wide color variations.

More photos and inspirations of kitchen counter tops

Check out photos and inspirations of kitchen counter tops with different materials and shapes to get inspired:

Picture 1 – Granite is a modern option for the kitchen counter top

Picture 2 – Another option that uses granite in the kitchen counter op

Picture 3 – Bench complete with granite material and curved area.

Picture 4 – Choose the right material for the island counter top.

Picture 5 – Model of white kitchen counter top.

Picture 6 – Model of U kitchen counter top.

Picture 7 – São Jorge black granite is one of the most popular options for counter tops in general.

Picture 8 – Kitchen counter top in blue color with noble stone.

Picture 9 – Central island bench with wood.

Wood is a good material for the island area as there is no direct exposure to liquids and even if it has a sink it should not be the main one. The material still brings warmth and comfort to the touch.

Picture 10 – Gourmet kitchen counter top with wood.

Picture 11 – Kitchen counter top with stone and white wood.

Image 12 – And Silestone still allows application with different colors.

For those who want to dare in decorating, choose a vibrant color from the counter top material. This design chose a Rosa Monza tone of Silestone.


Picture 13 – Kitchen counter top in red color.

Picture 14 – Worktop with wood cook top.

Picture 15 – White american kitchen counter top.

Picture 16 – Marble kitchen worktop.

Picture 17 – Black kitchen counter top.

Picture 18 – Gourmet kitchen counter top.

Picture 19 – Black kitchen counter top.

Picture 20 – White kitchen counter top.

Picture 21 – Another version of kitchen counter top that uses granite as material.

Picture 22 – Model of island bench.

Picture 23 – Kitchen worktop with granite material.

Image 24 – Highlight color of counter top material.

A beautiful composition with a black stone and small bright spots of material.

Picture 25 – Wooden kitchen counter top painted in gray color.

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