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Double room with closet: perks, tips and inspiring models

Is it a double room with closet you want? Well then today’s post will show you how it is possible to achieve this dream that permeates the hearts of many people out there. And it is easy to understand this desire by analyzing the many advantages that a closet offers the lovebirds.

In addition to being versatile and super adaptable to different room models, the closet can still innovate in style, bringing options ranging from classic to modern at a glance.

Advantages of having a closet in the double bedroom

Organization and practicality

A great advantage of the closet is the organization and practicality it offers over a common wardrobe. In the closet, the couple has the opportunity to organize their clothes, accessories and other personal effects in a more airy, distributed and better viewed, which ensures greater practicality in everyday life.

Style and elegance

The closet also guarantees a touch of style and unmatched elegance to the room, not to mention that you have total freedom to assemble the closet according to your personal tastes and preferences, and you can choose either an original and modern closet, or one more. Classic and traditional.

Property valued

Another advantage of the closet is that it adds value to the property. That’s right! With the trend and increasing demand for properties with this feature, having a closet in the bedroom also becomes an investment.

Cost benefit

Many people tend to find a closet expensive and inaccessible. That might have been true a few years ago, but with increasingly modern material solutions, that cost has come cheap, and it is now possible to invest in having a beautiful, functional and inexpensive closet without having to shell out a small fortune.

Tips for setting up the ideal closet

Ideal space

To have a functional and well organized closet, the tip is to reserve a minimum space of five square meters inside the room just for him. This measurement is ideal for comfortably shelving the necessary shelves and keeping the circulation area in the space that should be at least 70 centimeters.

Closet configuration and types

If your home or apartment does not have an original closet, the way out is to assemble one from the space you have available. And be aware that you can count on different configurations so that this small environment perfectly adapts to your needs.

The most practical and commonly used option these days is the open closet, ie a fully open structure with macaw, niches and shelves that is kept against one of the bedroom walls. The investment in this type of closet, by the way, is usually very small.

Another way to mount a closet in the bedroom is by opting for a partition that in this case can be either plaster, wood or even a screen or curtain. In this model, the closet is separated from the rest of the room by this partition and the cabinet structures are fixed to the rear wall. The partitioned closet may or may not have doors, you choose from the style you want to give the room.

Other possible closet configurations are the closet integrated with the suite or the walk-in closet, which connects the main part of the room to the bathroom, for example. It is best to design or have the floor plan to accurately define the type of closet that best suits your space and needs.

Attention to the details


Furniture is the key part of the closet. It is with them that you organize and keep all your clothes, accessories and shoes in place. But before investing in shelves, niches and other structures it is important to know your needs, how much of the parts you and your partner need to store and the type of closet you have. From this information you can start thinking about the ideal furniture to compose this space.


Lighting is always good and it does not hurt anyone. Here, the tip is whenever possible to have natural light sources which, by the way, does a damn good for your clothes and shoes. But if that is not possible, invest in a well-structured lighting project that can provide not only practicality, but comfort and aesthetics for this space.


Who says closet has no decoration? Of course there is! And you can start by betting on mirrors, as these pieces are as decorative as they are functional. Chandeliers and lamps, rugs, paintings and even plants can help to make this space more cozy.

13 double room models with closet for your inspiration

Check out now a selection of double rooms with closet for you to fall in love and of course get inspired too:

Picture 1 – Double room with closet: one side for him, one side for her.

Picture 2 – For those who want an elegant closet model, look at this idea: here, the closet has been integrated into the suite and divided from the bedroom by the glass walls.

Picture 3 – Large double bedroom with closet; Notice the corrugated partition behind the bed to house the closet.

Picture 4 – Double bedroom with sliding door closet; The rosé gold tone of the door is the charm of this model.

Picture 5 – Closet with pivoting door; Here the structure was assembled by means of a plasterboard partition.

Picture 6 – Double room with glass closet, beautiful proposal!

Picture 7 – Lighting is the highlight of this other model of closet.

Picture 8 – A wooden partition created the ideal closet space behind the bed.

Picture 9 – Glass Closet to fill the couple’s bedroom with elegance and style.

Picture 10 – This large double room bet on a masonry partition to accommodate the closet that has direct access to the suite; highlight the sink installed next to the closet.

Picture 11 – Always remember to match the style of the closet to the style of the room.

Picture 12 – Behind the mirrored door there is a closet of perfect size and configuration for the double bedroom.

Picture 13 – In this other bedroom, the couple’s closet has a sliding door in Venetian style.

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