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Dining room mirror: how to choose, tips and inspirations

Nothing better than a beautiful mirror to enhance any dining room, large or small. This is because, in addition to the decorative effect, the mirror also fulfills a very important function that is to enlarge and illuminate the environments.

It turns out that choosing the ideal mirror for the dining room is not always so simple, thanks to the plethora of models available on the market today. But we will help you in this mission, just check out the tips below and it will be much easier to choose the mirror for your dining room:

How to use and choose a dining room mirror

Before choosing the model, size and shape of the dining room mirror it is important to know better the space that will receive it, that is, pay attention to the measurements of your room, the decorative style that predominates in the environment and what are your intentions with the mirror. Let’s look at each of these items in the topics below, check out:


Start by taking measurements of your dining room and defining which wall the mirror will be placed on. Most of the time, the mirror tends to occupy only one wall, after all too much mirror can also become a visual nuisance. Preferably choose the main wall of your room to receive the mirror, usually the one you see first on entering the room, but beware: observe what is in front of that wall as the mirror will reflect and duplicate this image. So no messy, cluttered walls to stand in front of the mirror;


The decorating style of your dining room will also guide you in choosing the mirror, especially with regard to the frame. For classic-style dining rooms, prefer wood-framed mirrors and even those with carved designs. In modern-style dining rooms, frameless or thin-framed mirrors in neutral tones – black and white – are best suited. The chamfered mirrors for dining room combine with classic pattern of decorations, traditional and elegant.


Once you know the dimensions of the dining room and which style predominates in the environment you should ask yourself why you use a mirror. Will it be a purely decorative piece or will it be used to enlarge and brighten the room? If it is just decorative, carefully choose the frame and place it in a prominent place in front of a well decorated wall. But if, besides decorating, you also want to enhance the brightness and breadth of the dining room, it’s worth betting on a mirror that starts at the dining table and extends to the ceiling.

Placing the mirror facing a window is also a good choice, as in this position it will reflect even more light, just be careful not to reflect too much light, blurring the view of those in space;


The shape of the mirror is also important. The round models help create a focal point in the environment and combine very well with classical, romantic and delicate decorations. Square mirrors are perfect for sober, elegant and refined decorations. Rectangular mirrors, in turn, are best suited to create a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness. Finally, the irregularly shaped mirrors are the ideal bet for modern and contemporary dining rooms, as they bring movement and dynamism to the environment;


What about the size of the dining room mirror? Do you know which one to choose? A small dining room should avoid full length mirrors as too much glare can make the environment even smaller. Prefer small and medium size mirrors placed over dressers or at the dining table level. Already in a medium or large dining room it is possible to abuse a little more the size of the mirrors. Here it is worth covering an entire mirror wall or using a large mirror model with a well-marked frame.

Ways to use the mirror in the dining room

The most common way to use mirrors in the dining room is on sideboards and buffet, but you can still use the object in other ways, see below:

All over the wall

For those who have a large dining room it is worth betting on an entire wall covered with mirrors. Here, you can opt for plain, unfinished mirrors, or choose the edged ones that bring even greater charm to the space, but without leaving neutrality.

Varied composition

Another interesting way to decorate the dining room with mirrors is to create a varied composition on the wall. Choose from varied shapes and frames to form a very original and authentic wall. However, beware of the excesses and especially what all these mirrors will be reflecting on.

Highlight for the frame

You can also throw all your chips into the mirror’s frame, letting it act as the protagonist of space. In this case, wood frames are a great option since the noble material values ​​the environment.

In line with the dining table

Using mirrors in the dining room line is a very interesting trick for those who want to create a sense of breadth and depth. The most recommended in this case are square and rectangular mirrors.

Straight on the floor

For those who want to modernize the dining room can embrace the idea of ​​using mirrors directly supported on the floor, without the need to fix them to the wall. This is a widely used alternative that makes the dining room more modern, clean and relaxed.

Dining room mirror: 10 ideas and inspirations

Is everything ok so far? So come with us now get inspired by 60 photos of mirrored dining rooms. One of them will fit your project:

Picture 1 – Dining room decorated with mirror on the floor; Highlight for the vintage frame on the piece.

Picture 2 – Here, the round mirror reflects and values ​​the beautiful dining room lamp.

Picture 3 – Large dining room decorated with round mirror on the main wall; Note that the work piece frame fits perfectly with the table and chairs.

Picture 4 – Harmony and balance in this varied composition of mirrors on the dining room wall.

Picture 5 – The mirror that occupies the whole wall of the dining room reflects the environment ahead making the light spread even better throughout the house.

Picture 6 – Uniform composition of small mirrors in the wall; highlight to the frames that value the proposal.

Picture 7 – This modern dining room brought a large frameless mirror to be used directly on the floor.

Picture 8 – Contemporary dining room decorated with small oval mirror.

Picture 9 – Pure and raw geometric shapes take over the wall of this dining room through the mirrors.

Picture 10 – Look at the depth and breadth effect that the mirror brings to this dining room; Notice that the piece has been placed on the table line.

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