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Decorated Living Room: See Enthusiastic Decorating Ideas

The living room is a must stop for locals and visitors. It is in this environment of the house that we feel at ease, we rest and welcome the loved ones. Therefore, every care is important to ensure that the decorated living room can be at the same time cozy, comfortable, functional and, of course, beautiful to live!

In today’s post we will give you tips and inspirations for you to set up the decorated living room of your dreams, following the latest decor trends. Follow and stay inside:

Set the color palette in the decorated living room

Before you go shopping for rug, sofa and decorative objects, define the color palette that you will use in your living room. This step is important to ensure harmony and balance in the composition of the environment.

Choose a color or tone to be the basis of the décor and apply it to the larger areas of the room, such as walls and floors. To avoid error, give preference to light and neutral colors, such as white or off White tones.

Then set the color that will contrast with this base color. You can choose another slightly stronger neutral tone, such as gray, blue or black. This combination of colors is also used in modern style decorations.

But you can also opt for a more lively tone, such as yellow or red, for example. This second color of the palette should be inserted into the larger objects, but not at all. For example, if you choose a red sofa choose another color for the rug and the curtain.

After the base color and contrast color, choose two or three more colors for smaller objects such as cushions, puffs, vases, and pictures. These colors can be of the same contrast color palette or a complementary tone. One tip is to use, for example, a blue sofa with red cushions, since red is the complementary color of blue.

Check the size of the decorated living room and the layout of the furniture

The size of the room is very important to ensure the best decoration, since for each size of environment there are colors and objects more recommended.

For small rooms, the ideal is to bet on light base colors and objects like mirrors to visually enlarge the space. Larger rooms, however, need to be careful not to get too cold and unfriendly.

It is also important to pay attention to the size of the furniture in relation to the space and to guarantee a free area of ​​circulation. TV panels are most recommended for small environments because they do not take up space on the floor. And if you opt for a retractable type sofa make sure that the measure of it when open will not interfere in the passage area.

Another tip is to first decorate the room with the main elements that are usually the sofa, the TV and the rack or panel, only to then insert other elements such as armchairs, side tables or center. That way, you can have the exact size of the space that is “left over” and does not overload the environment.

What can not miss in the decorated living room

For the living room to be comfortable, functional and beautiful some items are also indispensable. The first and foremost of them is the curtain, especially if the room receives a lot of sunlight. Too much clarity can bother and disturb the nap, the reading, and that moment of watching a movie or TV series.

A good rug can not be missed either. It will ensure that the room becomes more cozy and cozy for those informal chat, where everyone sits on the floor or even during the winter to keep the room warmer.

Pillows also come on the list of what not to miss. They help to accommodate both the sofa and the floor, without saying that they still complement the decor with style.

Include in the list mirrors, potted plants and pictures to give that personal touch in the environment and fill it with personality.

Living room decorated: see 15 exciting ideas

The theory is important, but nothing better than seeing in practice how it all works. So, check out now a passionate selection of photos of living rooms decorated for you to be inspired when it comes to assembling your:

Picture 1 – Living room decorated with Pop Art style frame, this small room bet on a sofa with module to guarantee the comfort and the functionality of the environment.


Picture 2 – Living room decorated in neutral tones, richly illuminated by the presence of the window, won a panel of dark green leaves to further enrich the decor.


Picture 3 – Unusual, the dark green sofa enhances the rustic base and natural elements of the decorated living room.


Picture 4 – Adhesive of Bricks brings a climate stripped to the neutral decoration of the decorated living room, highlighted for the yellow armchair that gives life and color to the environment.


Picture 5 – Integrated environment between living room, dining and kitchen bet on a mix of styles to decorate.


Picture 6 – Closed and dark shades predominate in this decorated living room, including in the ceiling.


Picture 7 – Clear and neutral base was contrasted by the blue sofa.


Picture 8 – Want a modern decorated living room? Use the gray on the decoration!


Picture 9 – Decorated living room: many cushions and a large rug to accommodate everyone with much comfort and warmth.


Picture 10 – Small room with walls of brick; the solution to better seize the space was to fix the TV on the wall and give up the rack.


Picture 11 – Neutral and soft shades decorate this decorated living room: rose on the cushions and medium blue in the armchair.


Picture 12 – Living room decorated: differentiating one of the walls is a recurring trick in interior decoration; in this case, the black wall seen from the front by those who arrive received pictures, besides helping to highlight the ceiling lamp.


Picture 13 – Small living room decorated with coffee table; evaluate the free space for movement before opting for the mobile.


Picture 14 – Sobriety and elegance define the decoration proposal of this decorated living room.


Picture 15 – A modern and current proposal for living room decoration: blue sofa with a base palette in white and gray colors.



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