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Chandelier: How to Choose, Tips and Inspirations

Want a wow decor? So you need to have a chandelier chandelier in some environment of your home. This type of chandelier adds that classic, noble, elegant and refined touch to the decoration design, surprising and amazing your visitors.

Chandelier chandeliers appeared in the late 17th century as a status symbol, illuminating the dinners offered by the nobility. After a while, they began to become popular and today are present in different decoration proposals.

The most classic and traditional are the crystal chandelier chandeliers, but you don’t have to shell out a small fortune to have such a model at home. Nowadays it is possible to count on cheaper options and as beautiful as. A good example is the acrylic chandelier chandelier which can cost up to three times less depending on the model chosen.

The chandelier chandelier can still come in the glass, metal or iron version, everything will depend on the style of decoration you intend to print in the environment. Here are more tips on how to choose the ideal chandelier chandelier:

How to choose chandelier chandelier: tips to get it right when buying

The chandelier chandelier is an element that, by itself, draws a lot of attention and most likely will be the main point of decoration of the environment. That is why it is of utmost importance that you choose a chandelier that matches the decorative style of the space and is of a size commensurate with the location.

To make no mistake, use the following parameter: large chandelier chandelier for large environments, small chandelier chandelier for small environments. When in doubt, four- or five-arm chandelier chandeliers are ideal for smaller spaces such as washrooms, for example, those with eight or more armrests are indicated for larger locations and also have high ceilings such as living rooms. and dinner, after all, no one will want to bang their heads on the chandelier.

The color of the chandelier chandelier also greatly influences the wow effect you wish to cause. For this reason, bet on chandelier chandeliers of metallic tones, such as gold, for classic and sophisticated style decorations. But if you want to use the piece in modern environments, be sure: the black chandelier chandelier is a great option. There are also colorful chandelier chandeliers, perfect for more contemporary and stripped decorations.

The chandelier chandelier can also be used when the intention is to enhance and enhance some furniture or room space, such as a dining table or the center of the room. There is no space or object that goes unnoticed in the presence of such a chandelier.

But you may still be wondering: where can I use a chandelier chandelier? Virtually every room in the house accepts this kind of chandelier very well, although they originally gained prominence in places such as the living room and the dining room. However, it is very common nowadays to see chandeliers embellishing couples, children and even baby rooms. Chandelier chandeliers also look amazing in lavatories and bathrooms. The only caveat is in the kitchen, as moisture and grease present in the environment can generate dirt accumulation in the piece, impairing its natural brightness and beauty.

30 chandelier chandelier templates to inspire you

Check out 30 images of chandelier chandeliers that not even Beauty and the Beast could resist:

Picture 1 – Chandelier crystal chandelier with eight arms for dining room of modern and elegant style.

Picture 2 – To fall in love! This crystal chandelier chandelier is the icing on the living room cake.

Picture 3 – Chandelier chandelier in a more modern reading to match the decoration, but without losing the charm and elegance that is characteristic of it.

Picture 4 – Chandelier of clean design, perfect for environments with modern and minimalist style.

Picture 5 – Chandelier crystal chandelier on the dining table; Note that the electric extension leaves the piece with a more modern feel.

Picture 6 – A very modern version for this other chandelier chandelier model.

Picture 7 – The medium sized chandelier chandelier fit perfectly into this living room.

Picture 8 – In the bathroom, the chandelier chandelier is pure glamor.

Image 9 – Use the chandelier chandelier to highlight a furniture or room area, as in this image, where the piece draws attention to the center of the room.

Picture 10 – This double room full of personality has bet on a classic chandelier chandelier model to finish off the decoration.

Picture 11 – Classic, rustic and noble mix in this environment that has the chandelier chandelier as a highlight.

Picture 12 – Small crystal pendants form this original and contemporary model of chandelier chandelier.

Picture 13 – Already in the baby room, the chandelier chandelier prints an atmosphere of refinement and nobility.

Picture 14 – Chandelier crystal chandelier with structure in black color, matching the modern proposal of decoration of the room.

Picture 15 – Have you ever seen a chandelier chandelier as authentic as this?

Picture 16 – The contemporary room managed to bring through the chandelier chandelier that touch of class and irresistible elegance.

Picture 17 – Chandelier glass chandelier to brighten and highlight the dining table in the kitchen.

Picture 18 – Boho style decorations can also benefit from the noble beauty of a chandelier chandelier.

Picture 19 – Square glass pieces guarantee the modernity of this chandelier chandelier model.

Picture 20 – But if the intention is to bring all the pomp and refinement of the chandelier chandelier, bet on the most classic model you can.

Picture 21 – Wonderful composition between golden chandelier chandelier, modern nightstand and wall with boiserie.

Picture 22 – This dining room has become much more luxurious with the presence of the chandelier chandelier.

Picture 23 – Here, the colorful chandelier chandelier brings unrivaled relaxation and joy to the retro influence room.

Picture 24 – In the bedroom of the couple, the chandelier chandelier highlights the mood of romance and delicacy.

Picture 25 – Different, but still an inspiring chandelier chandelier.

Picture 26 – This chandelier chandelier with candle-shaped lamps is a charm only!

Picture 27 – Your toilet will never be the same after a chandelier chandelier.

Picture 28 – How about feeling like a diva taking a bath and being graced by the light of a chandelier chandelier?

Picture 29 – Modern readings of chandeliers leave nothing to be desired.

Picture 30 – The classic and super elegant room could not have made better choice for the chandelier.

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