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Chaise longue: what it is, how to use it and inspiring photos

Want to ensure a touch of comfort and extra elegance for your home environments? So bet on the charm of a chaise lounge. Never seen or heard? Calm down and we’ll explain. The name chaise lounge, translated from French as “long chair”, is an evolution of the traditional double “armchair and puff”.

Despite the French term, the chaise lounge has a much older history and dates back to the days of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, when the first furniture with this feature was found.

And what characteristics are these? The chaise lounge can have one or two arms at the ends, and at least one of them will be taller to ensure the same comfort as an armchair. A chaise lounge may also have a backrest, but it is not a rule. The important thing is that you know how to distinguish it by the elongated, slim and elegant body.

Not to be mistaken, it is worth knowing how to differentiate the chaise lounge from other types of upholstery, such as recamier and divan. Okay, let’s go in pieces so as not to shuffle our heads.

Do not confuse chaise lounge with recamier and divan

At first, all three may look the same. Only not. A closer look soon reveals the differences. The recamier, for example, has low arms at the ends and is characterized above all by being a type of deep and low seat usually used at the edge of the bed.

The divan, in turn, has a curved structure where the head is always held higher than the feet. Just remember the typical armchairs used in therapeutic offices. By the way, just out of curiosity, it was psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud who popularized the use of divans in therapeutic spaces.

How to use the chaise lounge for decoration

Besides being beautiful and elegant, the chaise lounge fits with incredible grace in the most different environments of the house, and in each of them it assumes a different functionality and use. Here are some suggestions for using the chaise lounge:

Chaise lounge in the room

The living room is one of the environments that benefit most from the chaise lounge, because it can assume various functions, not to mention that it adds a super special charm to the environment, breaking with the traditional sofa scheme and armchairs.

If the living room is small, it is worth betting on a chaise lounge as an alternative to the traditional sofa, but if the room is large it can come as an extra seating option in place of other furniture such as the aforementioned armchairs.

Another common way to use the chaise lounge is as a room demarcator, especially for living rooms integrated into the dining room or the kitchen. Try placing a chaise longue on the border between one room and another and you will see the aesthetic and functional differential.

Chaise lounge in the room

The chaise lounge in the room is a mess. This furniture brings a unique comfort and welcome to the environment. Positioned near the window, for example, the chaise lounge becomes a perfect resting place and also an excellent reading corner.

The chaise lounge is still a hand on the wheel when dressing, as it helps in changing clothes and shoes. A good idea is to even put the chaise lounge in the closet if you have room for it.

Chaise lounge on balconies and outdoor areas

The chaise lounge can be used without fear in outdoor areas such as balconies, gardens, gazebos and even around the pool, taking care only to combine the material with the environment so as not to risk deteriorating your furniture. In these places, the chaise lounge is perfect for moments of relaxation and rest, and ensures a super visual for your outdoor area.

25 chaise lounge models to inspire you

Want more ideas on how to use the chaise lounge for decoration? Then check out the images we have selected below. There are 25 inspirations to let you fall in love, take a look:

Picture 1 – Modern chaise lounge in a passionate shade of pink.

Picture 2 – Chaise lounge perfect for relaxing. Notice how the structure actually resembles an elongated armchair.

Picture 3 – Maximum comfort in this elegant pink chaise lounge.

Picture 4 – That unused corner of the house may be the perfect place to put a chaise lounge.

Picture 5 – A modern minimalist model of chaise lounge for the living room.

Picture 6 – The chaise lounge is even more inviting with the pillows and a blanket.

Picture 7 – Classic and chic chaise lounge model. The perfect place for a late afternoon read.

Picture 8 – This enclosed porch has become more comfortable and functional with the chaise lounge.

Picture 9 – Two seat chaise lounge: comfort and style folded in the environment.

Picture 10 – Reclining chaise lounge in a model very similar to the famous divan.

Picture 11 – Sofa for what? The chaise lounge is a great alternative to traditional sofas.

Picture 12 – Have you ever thought about a corner chaise lounge? Incredibly beautiful!

Picture 13 – Here in this small integrated environment, the chaise lounge proved to be a great option to delimit the spaces and to bring comfort to the living room.

Picture 14 – Is it sofa or is it chaise lounge? It can be both!

Picture 15 – An original, modern and super beautiful model of chaise lounge. Note that the modules always allow new furniture configurations.

Picture 16 – A devastating this blue chaise lounge with structure in wood!

Picture 17 – Classic and sober, this chaise lounge adds elegance and sophistication to any environment.

Picture 18 – The junction between armchair and beanbag is nothing more than a chaise lounge.

Picture 19 – White leather chaise lounge: elegance and functionality in the environment.

Picture 20 – To get away from using the armchairs, try placing a chaise lounge in space.

Picture 21 – Caramel leather chaise lounge: for those who want to give up on decor.

Picture 22 – A large chaise lounge to occupy the whole room.

Picture 23 – Composition of neutral colors for this chaise lounge that replaces the sofa.

Picture 24 – Outdoor chaise lounge: attention to the use of waterproof fabrics and materials resistant to rain and sun.

Picture 25 – How about a modern design chaise lounge in gray color?

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