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Brown Kitchen: 15 Amazing Designs and Photos to Get Inspired

Despite the strong trend toward light color shades such as white, gray and fendi, some prefer darker or more vibrant colors. Brown is a great color choice for use on floors, coatings, paint or cabinets.

When choosing darker shades, it is important to be careful not to leave the environment overloaded or heavy. It is therefore recommended to combine brown with other lighter shades such as white or a vibrant orange. Therefore, composing with a mix of colors is essential, whether with earthy tones or decorative objects of varying colors that can give the environment another face.

Models and photos of kitchens with shades of brown.

How about using the brown color in your kitchen? Be inspired by this list of brown decorating environments for different applications – on cabinets, floors, wall tiles, counter-tops, and furniture:

Picture 1 – Wood and concrete make the perfect combination for a cozy and modern kitchen.

Concrete is a material that has presence in any environment and along with wood its characteristic is enhanced. If you want to give the modern and youthful touch to the kitchen a classic brown kitchen insert in some detail (floor, wall or countertop) the concrete.

Picture 2 – A simple painting can transform your kitchen.

You don’t have to invest a lot for a modern kitchen with personality. The cool thing about painting is that you can participate in this décor yourself!

Picture 3 – A minimalist design calls for straight lines, lack of detail and neutral colors.

Following the pattern in woodworking is one of the important elements in this style. All cutouts and finishes should be well done, leaving few details. For this, the absence of handles in the cabinets.

Picture 4 – Kitchen with decoration in dark colors.

This combination is error free and ideal for a men’s apartment! Gray, black and brown make the atmosphere modern and youthful.

Picture 5 – Let the wood shine in your project.

The slatted wood brings all the charm to the woodwork. Try placing them on common cabinet doors, partitions, or doors.

Picture 6 – Kitchen with brown tablets.


The inserts are a cheap coating and simple to install. They can be found in many sizes, colors, shapes and finishes.

Picture 7 – Sliding doors are functional and create a beautiful effect on decoration.

When necessary, the doors can hide the mess of the minibar, but you can also show off the cellars and the space with the cabinet. This makes it easy to adapt as needed.

Picture 8 – Kitchen with orange and brown decoration.

The combination of brown and warm colors is ideal for a project that needs more life.

Picture 9 – Brown can come in to contrast in your environment.

Picture 10 – Kitchen with brown worktop.

Highlight for the wine holder came to complement the decor and even organize the drinks space.

Image 11 – The tones of the wood used in the project must be harmonic.

Picture 12 – Kitchen with fendi woodwork and wall with brown tablets.

The fendi in the decoration is a very strong trend! The mix of this color with brown leaves the environment neutral and modern. It is a sure bet for anyone who is setting up a family residence.

Picture 13 – The bronze finish of the glass door together with the dark details of this kitchen.

For those who want to give up the mirror, you can bet on this other technique to enlarge the environment. Bronze glasses are welcome in the kitchens. In addition to bringing elegance, it fits very well with woody tones.

Picture 14 – Brown workbench coating.

Picture 15 – Choose the shade that most pleases your taste.


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