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Bedroom study table: how to choose, tips and photos

Do you think it is only notebooks and books that a student lives? Well then you made a bad mistake. In order to obtain the maximum possible performance in the studies, it is essential that the student has a warm, motivating and comfortable environment and all these prerequisites go directly to the right choice of study table for the room.

This simple piece of furniture holds the key to successful study. Doubt? So follow this post with us that we will show you the importance of planning and choosing with all the affection the study table:

Reasons for you to have a study desk in the room

Note the following question: Where does the student stay most focused and focused at the time of study? First option: lying in bed or, second option, sitting by a table of ideal size and proportions? It hit who opted for the second alternative.

Experts are unanimous in recognizing that the ability to learn increases when the student puts himself in a posture and an environment directed toward that goal. And that even neuroscience explains, you know? This is because our brain associates the posture of “lying down” with a moment of rest and relaxation. And what does he do? It prepares us for sleep. Do you understand why you often get a reading lying in bed and then you are sleeping or with your eyes almost closing? So this is the first reason for you to have a study desk in your room.

The second reason for having a study desk in your room is the organization of your material. Yes, organization is another very important factor for those who want to achieve their study goals. And nothing better than a table for organizing books, notebooks, pencil holders and other indispensable materials for your learning.

Want one more reason? So there you go! The study table can add a special touch to the decoration of your room, have you thought about that? Besides having a motivating and organized corner, you can still have a super beautiful and stylish space. What about?

Measures for the ideal study table

Now that you have understood the importance of having a study desk for your bedroom, it is also important to know the type of desk that best suits you and your space. This boils down to two essential points: size and proportion.

The ideal study table size should be at least 90 inches wide and 50 inches deep. This measurement is ideal for you to be able to position all the objects you need, as well as enough space to open and move your books and notebooks.
Another important measure that should not be overlooked is the height. For study tables for children up to seven years old, a height of up to 65 centimeters is most recommended. For older children, including adults, the ideal height is between 73 and 82 centimeters.

Also evaluate the ratio of the furniture to the environment, so that it fits comfortably into space, ensuring a good circulation in the surroundings.

A few more tips to consider

  • The best desk mate is the chair and she should also follow the concept of ergonomics. That is, prefer chairs with back and seat that are comfortable and in the right sizes for you. A good choice is the study chairs with height and inclination. For children, prefer chairs without casters. They can easily become a toy and a great source of distraction;
  • Lighting on the study table is also of utmost importance. Whenever possible, position the furniture next to a window so that natural light illuminates the space completely. But if this is not possible, invest in a good source of artificial lighting. And even for those with natural light, it is a good idea to have a desk lamp to direct the light during studies, especially at night. The important thing is that the table is always clear and without shadows. It is worth mentioning that a study conducted in California (USA) with more than 21 thousand students showed a direct relationship between increased productivity and exposure to natural daylight. What are you waiting for then to light up your study desk?
  • And if you have little space in your room, don’t be discouraged that a study table is not for you. There is already a solution to this and one of them is called a folding study table. This type of furniture has the advantage that it can be collected after the end of the study, freeing up useful area for the room;
  • You can also choose from various types of study desks available on the market. There are wood, MDF, glass and even metal study desks, so one of them will fit perfectly into your room decorating proposal. In addition to the material, it is still possible to choose the color of the study table. However, be cautious about this item as very vibrant or dark colors may interfere with your ability to concentrate. In this case, the most recommended is to opt for tables in light, neutral and / or woody tones;
  • The shape of the study table can also be set by you from the space you have available. For small rooms, the most recommended study table is the leaner one, without many props, and preferably in folding, retractable or suspended models that help to save the environment free space. For those who have more space, they can use large L-shaped study tables or with built-in drawers.

15 bedroom study table models and photos

Check out a selection of photos of bedroom study tables that will inspire – and much – your project:

Picture 1 – Suspended study table for bedroom; Notice that the table has been strategically positioned by the window.

Picture 2 – Study table planned for the room; In this model, the table was built into the cabinet.

Picture 3 – Study table for easel style bedroom; the niches help accommodate what doesn’t fit on the table.

Picture 4 – Study table for the children’s room; less visual information so as not to disturb concentration.

Picture 5 – L-shaped bedroom study table: perfect model for larger rooms.

Picture 6 – Small and simple study table for room, but completely able to handle the message.

Picture 7 – Study room model for shared room; The extension of the furniture allows each one to have their own space.

Picture 8 – That corner of the room can be very well used with a study table.

Picture 9 – Study room table in a super simple but very functional white model.

Picture 10 – Already this industrial style room bet on an easel-shaped study table.

Picture 11 – Study table planned for the room; notice that it is an extension of the bed and the nightstand.

Picture 12 – Shared study table, but without losing comfort and practicality.

Picture 13 – The pendant lamp over the study table ensures an extra reinforcement in the illumination.

Picture 14 – Already here, the option was for a table lamp that assists the studies at night.

Picture 15 – A study table with bench face.

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