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Bedroom pendant: tips for choosing and 15 inspiring models

Do you know when you look, look and look again and feel that something is missing in the decoration? This “something” may be the room pendant. Well, this precious little detail makes a huge difference in the aesthetics of the environment, not to mention that it is super functional, as it serves not only as a decorative element, but also as an important extra source of illumination.

If you also believe in the potential of this noble element, keep following the post with us, we’ll tell you all about room pending:

Pending for room: why have one?
You may have seen a plethora of rooms decorated with pendants, but wondered why they were there? Was it a purely aesthetic question? Or do these pieces hold some other mystery that makes them so desired? The following are the main advantages of having a room pendant and you can draw your own conclusions:

Variety and versatility
One of the great advantages of opting for a pendant for the bedroom is the huge variety of designs available. You can choose the color, shape, size and material of the pendant and this is a hands-on when it comes to decoration, as the more options available, the greater the ability of the pendant to fit different decoration proposals.

Low cost
The price of the room pendants is another big draw of this type of piece. In general, the investment in them is worth it, as the cost-effectiveness of a pendant is very compensatory. And as there are different models available for purchase, therefore, there are also varying ranges of values. That is, there will always be a pendant that fits in your pocket.

But if the money is short, really short, be aware that you can still bet on DIY bedroom pendant designs or do it yourself . That’s right! Get your hands dirty and create your own pendant with easy and cheap materials to find, in fact, many of them are made from recyclables.

As beautiful as it is functional
And if there’s something as good as affordable and being able to combine beauty with functionality. And in that regard, the room pendants are masters. The pieces bring beauty, comfort, warmth and are still an asset in the ambient lighting project.

Fits any project
With such versatility it is only natural that bedroom pendants are pieces that fit any decorating style, ranging from the most modern to the most classic, rustic and sophisticated. It is worth mentioning that in addition to fitting different projects, the room pendants are still versatile with regard to the profile of the person who will make use of it, ie there are double room pendants that meet the needs of both, pending for single room with a more youthful and laid back footprint and of course pending for kids room and baby room with all that playfulness that kids love.

Ceiling or wall mounted
And if you think that room pending is limited to the ceiling model, you’re wrong. The pendants can still come in the wall version, which is very good for those who are not in the mood to break break to install new power points.

What you need to know before buying a room pendant

There is no magic formula when it comes to decorating, but of course there are always those basic tips that help us make the best decisions, especially when it comes to the technical side. And with room pendants would be no different, so take note of some important tips you need to keep in mind before buying your pendant:

There are different types of pendants made of different materials, you already know. But how do you know which one is best or best suited for your project? The best strategy is to know beforehand what kind of lighting you want to create with the pendant.

For those who want a more comprehensive light that permeates the environment, the best indication is the pendants made of translucent materials, such as glass, crystal and acrylic, or even opt for the exposed lamp, without dome. For those who want a directed light, suitable for reading, for example, should choose pendants made of metal, plastic, steel or wood that is all closed, with opening only at the bottom to pass the light, which in this case is all projected downwards.

Hollow or side-hung pendants create more dramatic lighting, perfect for creating a cozy mood in the room, especially if a yellow lamp is used.

Height and size
As well as the material, size and height of the bedroom pendant are also important for maintaining both the aesthetics of the room and the functionality. If the intention is to place a pendant on the side of the bed, on the nightstand, it is interesting that it is between half and 1/3 the size of the furniture. That is, for a bedside with 60 centimeters, the ideal is that the pendant has between 20 to 30 centimeters. However, this is not an absolute rule, it will all depend on the effect and highlight you want to give the piece. This calculation is just a reference for those who are afraid to dare or commit excesses.

The size of the pendant should also be chosen according to its function. A pendant that will illuminate the room completely is usually in the center of the room and is larger than those used as a secondary bedside lighting option.

Regarding height, the concept is almost the same. It will all depend on the purpose of the pending. For broader illumination, it is recommended that the pendant be closer to the ceiling, this also eliminates the risk of someone bumping your head into the piece. On the other hand, the pendants near the headboard can be installed lower, about 50 centimeters above the nightstand. However, do some tests before bedtime and make sure the height meets your needs.

Check out 15 inspirations from pendant-decorated rooms for you to fall in love with and of course bring the idea to your room too:

Picture 1 – Bedroom pendants in different sizes: yes you can!

Picture 2 – Chandelier and pendant speak the same language here in this double room.

Picture 3 – Pendant for modern room; Note that in this model, the great differential is the ability to direct light wherever you want.

Picture 4 – Glass pendant for bedroom; note how the piece offers a warm and soft light.

Picture 5 – Two instead of one.

Picture 6 – The wooden niche that holds the bed brought two yellow wire pendants to be the highlight of the room.

Picture 7 – Glass pendant for room: discreet, clean and modern option.

Picture 8 – Already here, the round shape of the pendants does not go unnoticed.

Picture 9 – Pendant for fourth rosé gold: the closed metal dome transmits a special light in the environment.

Picture 10 – On one side pendant, on the other lamp.

Picture 11 – This pair of round pendants proves that the piece plays a very important decorative role in the room.

Picture 12 – In this nursery two different models of pendant were used; the first of them provides central lighting, and the others by the bed offer soft, diffused light.

Picture 13 – Pendants for room with cast metal structure; Ideal for modern decorations.

Picture 14 – Pendants that could be more floating works of art.

Picture 15 – Adjust the height of the pendant according to your use of the piece.

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