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Bedroom curtain: how to choose, models and inspirations

The curtains quarter guarantee more welcoming and comfortable atmospheres, in addition to frame the space and take care of the privacy of this more intimate atmosphere of the house.

Little darlings in the decoration of the living room and bedroom, curtains can play many roles within an environment, serve for various purposes, from controlling the brightness that enters the room as an item of decoration.

Choosing a bedroom curtain is no easy task, as there are many options for fabric, finishing and other details that if strategically thought out can have a much more than decorative effect on your environment. With this in mind, we have some tips to make your project simpler, without worries or surprises:

Bedroom curtain: beware of window measurements

To know the final size of the curtain you should keep in mind that it is necessary to leave a “leftover” fabric over the window size, so your curtain will cover the window even when it is windy, avoiding too much light and also ensuring the aesthetic pattern. appropriate.

There are two types of calculations you can do to find the ideal curtain size for your environment, for light fabrics you should multiply the window and leftover size by 2, while for heavier or full-bodied fabrics, the multiplication should be done. See below for two examples of curtain size calculation:

  1. Window size + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) =? x 2 = ideal curtain size. Ex: 1.20m (window) + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) = 1.60m x 2 = 3.20m of tissue;
  2. Window size + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) =? x 3 = ideal curtain size. Ex: 1.20m (window) + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) = 1.60m x 3 = 4.80m of tissue;

Check ceiling and wall clearance to decide which height and support will be used for your curtain
Another important choice is which type of support best fits your project? Rod or rail? If the curtain is part of the ceiling structure of the room, the rails are embedded in the plaster finish, giving a super elegant effect. Since the rod is an easy option to install and clean and has many finishing options, such as chrome, gold, wood, among others.

Usually the height of the curtain extends across the wall, ie from ceiling to floor. This way the ceiling height is stretched and the environment becomes more cozy. Short curtains are best matched with under-window furniture or children’s bedrooms, as they give a relaxed and light feel to the room.

Possible color types and textures

Keep in mind that neutral colors give more freedom to decorate a more colorful setting, while brighter and more colorful shades help to add more joy and personality to the environment.

It is important to note that darker, more intense shades tend to fade with sunlight as time goes by, so you should also consider the intensity of light that enters the room when deciding on curtain colors.

Heavier or overlapping fabrics are ideal for the colder season as they help warm up the environments as well as lessen the feeling of “emptiness” in the environment that sometimes happens during cold weather.

In the case of choosing the most full-bodied or patterned fabrics the tip is to value the neutral background and leave them only as a shawl. Thus the highlighting of the color or pattern is only for more punctual details, keeping the curtain harmonized with the environment with a lighter decoration.

Main types of curtain

  • Shutters : A practical type of curtain that allows greater control of the brightness that enters the room. The two most commonly used types of blinds are rollers, which is a type of fabric-made blinds that are rolled up when shrunk, and Roman blinds, which are made up of blades and are mainly found in PVC, wood, bamboo and aluminum.
  • Blackout : This type of curtain is made of thicker material and has the function of blocking the light in addition to increasing the acoustic isolation of the environment. When used in the bedroom, the blackout curtain is ideal for enhancing sleep quality as it ensures that the “dark” lasts until waking time. In the past, many people worried about the “plasticized” effect of the curtain fabric, but nowadays there are many options for blackout curtains with lighter fabrics in different colors.
  • Voile Curtain : This is the classic curtain model, which can be used either alone or in conjunction with some type of lining and / or thicker cover. Its texture can inspire refinement and simplicity in the same environment.
  • Twill, velvet, linen or shantung curtains : Full-bodied fabrics are highly recommended for bedrooms because they increase the feeling of coziness, and you can choose from a variety of texture effects found in each.

Selected photos of bedroom curtain

Now that you’re up-to-date with the top trends and know which options are best for you, check out the bedroom curtain designs we’ve parted to inspire you and make your project easier:

Traditional bedroom shutters

Picture 1 – Traditional Aluminum

The aluminum horizontal louver is very versatile and can be found in many colors in markets and decoration and construction stores. In a contemporary industrial-style décor like this one, the aluminum shutter does not completely block out natural light from the outside and still speaks very well to the horizontal lines of the wall building blocks.

Picture 2 – Rolled shutter with linen curtain.

Another way to use the blinds! Because they don’t inspire warmth much (especially because it resembles business and productive environments), the blinds in this project are accompanied by a linen curtain that helps block window light and make the room more comfortable.

Picture 3 – Classic model in black color

For small and youth rooms, the blind model is highly recommended. And to make sure that it will adorn the decor of the room choose the corresponding color!

Picture 4 – Rolled shutter with sheer curtain.

Another example of double-blind fabric curtain. Interestingly, due to the dark color of the blind and the transparency of the sheer, the horizontal lines are seen and end up forming an interesting texture.

Picture 5 – Rolled shutter matching the color of the floor.

For rooms with few colors or predominantly light colors, the curtain or shutter may be interesting places to put a slightly stronger color to increase the contrast of the environment.

Picture 6 – Blind with satin curtain.

If your curtain does not provide a perfect darkness for a peaceful sleep, the blind can help you. But no need to replace! The two are very well together, taking care of the amount of light and the decorative part.

Picture 7 – Blind with silk curtain.

Picture 8 – Classic model in gray color.

For environments that receive a lot of street lighting, blinds can be a good choice to provide perfect natural lighting for the environment.

Picture 9 – Black shutter in the whole wall.

If you need a completely dark sleeping environment, the black shutter helps contain outside lighting. In addition, the color contrasts with this environment in the predominantly light minimalist style.

Picture 10 – Shutter in the exact size of your window.

Especially for small environments, a very large curtain may end up giving the feeling that the space is smaller. The advantage of the blind is that it is already sold in the standard sizes of most windows.

Roller blind for bedroom

Picture 11 – Roller shutter in various modules.

To give your room a lighter tone, especially if it is small, the roller blind can be used on several small or medium modules throughout your windows.

Picture 12 – To separate the environment.

The roller blind is found in a style that closely resembles Blackout curtains, which controls the amount of lighting that comes from the street in addition to separating the environments.

Picture 13 – With transparent friezes.

This type of blind is also found in various fabrics, thicker or thinner, depending on the amount of lighting and sound you want to spread.

Picture 14 – Colorful scroll.

In addition to blocking light and sound, roller blinds can be a good way to add more color to your room. It is already available in stores in different colors for you to match and play with the decoration of the environment.

Roman blind for bedroom

Picture 15 – Roman with curtain in Shantung.

In this example, the Roman blind is used to contain outside lighting, while the Shantung fabric curtain has been placed to increase the feeling of warmth within the decor.

Picture 16 – For those who work near a window.

Made from thinner fabric, Roman Blinds can create a perfect balance in the amount of light that enters your work environment.

Picture 17 – Roman shutter in modules.

Picture 18 – Choose the perfect height for your window.

The cool thing about Roman blinds is that it folds as it is suspended. This way, you can choose the ideal time for natural light to enter your window.

Picture 19 – She shrinks to let the light in.

Another advantage is that if you want to enjoy the sun, you can suspend the blind completely, leaving only a minimum of the horizontal faces of the blind.

Picture 20 – Until they disappear in the room.

Some more translucent fabrics can create an amazing effect on your room, especially if it has a light color. This one almost disappears from our sights while creating a super balanced environment with natural light.


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