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Bathroom set: learn how to choose and see decor references

Who does not have a home bathroom game that throws the first stone. Some reject it, others recognize its importance. The fact is that bathroom sets are as functional as they are aesthetic. After all, they hold moisture by avoiding slips, picking up the splashes from the sink, preventing them from making that mess on the bathroom floor, and even helping to compose the decoration of the place.

There is a huge variety of bathroom sets out there. Craftsmanship, then, is not even talked about. On sites like Elo7 , virtual showcase of artisans from all over the country, or Mercado Livre, it is possible to buy bathroom set made in crochet , patchwork, yo-yo, hand-painted, among others. The price varies in the same way. But to get an idea, the price of a simple crochet bathroom set is $ 80.

The bathroom set is usually sold in three pieces: a toilet guard, a foot rug for the toilet and a bath mat. Some sets may still come with protector for box-coupled and toilet paper holder.

Before buying yours, it is important to look at some details, such as the size of the parts, the type of material used and safety. The set should fit perfectly in your bathroom to ensure aesthetics and functionality. The material used is also important as it needs to be sturdy and durable, since bathroom sets need to be washed frequently, which can easily wear down very fragile materials. Security is another key element. Avoid buying bathroom sets made with slippery materials and give preference to sets that have non-slip or are rubberized underneath, especially if you have children or the elderly in your home. And if you like this item, here’s how to choose crochet rugs .

22 amazing ideas of bathroom set with miscellaneous materials

Check out now assorted models – and for all tastes – of bathroom sets. Of course, one of them will love you. Inspire yourself:

Picture 1 – Set of soft rugs and mat for the bathroom set.

The white bathroom has gained an ally in the decor. The set of brown rugs besides valuing the environment, made the bathroom more comfortable and cozy. A good inspiration for anyone who prefers rugs only, without the protective covers.

Picture 2 – For the large bathroom, a proportional rug.

The large bathroom asks for a carpet that covers a larger area. In this case, the option was for a string rug with geometric shapes. Note that the floor, equally geometric, does not interfere with the harmony of the environment. Thanks to the predominance of light colors.

Picture 3 – Bathroom set: go beyond the traditional rugs.

You can opt for a decoration that includes other elements, in addition to the traditional ones that make up the bathroom set, as was done in this image. Here, carpet and curtain, although the differentiated prints come together in the same color palette.

Picture 4 – Bathroom game: bet on colorful and trendy prints.

It is always necessary to have more than one bathroom set, so invest in models of varied prints, so you change the face of your bathroom as if in magic. Fashion prints, like the flamingos in the picture, are a good choice.

Picture 5 – An extra touch of comfort in the bathroom game does not hurt anyone.

In addition to the cover protection, this set has a protection for the seat that guarantees more comfort at that time to use the toilet.

Picture 6 – For the girls: Hello Kity bathroom set.

Image 7 – Crochet bathroom set with flowers application.

Crochet is a handy craft used for making bathroom sets. And they can be of countless types. The important thing is to choose a model that fits perfectly to the pot and that the rug is proportional to the size of the bathroom.

Picture 8 – For the large bathroom, only one rug is little.

This large, modern, rustic style bathroom needed three rugs to take care of the whole environment. Each one with a different color and pattern, but all made in the same fabric and with the same ethnic style.

Picture 9 – Which color to use in the bathroom set?

In doubt of how to choose the colors of the bathroom set? Decide taking into account the main tone of the bathroom. In the case of the image model, the predominant tone is the beige, within the palette of the earthy tones. In this case, the burnt rose harmonizes within this palette, composing a harmonic combination.

Picture 10 – White, simple and functional bathroom set.

The white bathrooms are almost unanimous and to choose the ideal bathroom set do not be afraid to continue in white. In the case of the image set, the carpet carries words printed in black, contributing to a slight contrast in the environment.

Picture 11 – Bathroom set: feet in carpet format.

The foot-shaped crochet rug gives the touch of relaxation to the bathroom. The design continues on the lid protector and on the toilet mat. The white bathroom very well received the lilac tone of the ensemble.

Image 12 – Crochet bathroom set.

Image 13 – Magazine cover bathroom set.

The two rugs printed in pink and blue are the highlight of this bathroom. The clean and smooth decor was enriched by the presence of these two items.

Picture 14 – To the white bathroom, a blue game.

This type of bathroom set you find easily in home supply stores. The good news is that they are usually cheap, have a wide variety of colors and are rubberized, bringing extra protection and safety to the environment.

Picture 15 – Match the bathroom set with the towels.

In this black and white bathroom, the bathroom set was combined with face and bath towels. They do not follow the same pattern of prints and fabric, but carry the same colors, matched equally with the rest of the bathroom decor.

Picture 16 – Bathroom set always at hand.

A decorative and practical option for day to day: a basket of bath games always on hand to facilitate the exchange. All follow the same pattern and, precisely because of this, fit the decoration even when they are not being used.

Picture 17 – Those who enjoy children’s themes will like this bathroom game idea.

Picture 18 – Choose bathroom sets for special occasions.

Have you thought about decorating the bathroom for Valentine’s Day, for example? Or for Christmas? To do this always have bathroom games for those special dates, such as the image that bet on a red game with hearts.

Picture 19 – Bathroom set with delicate pattern.

Kittens, hearts and bikes are the ideal request for those who like soft, fun and delicate prints.

Picture 20 – Bathroom set not to go unnoticed.

Shocking pink in combination with purple highlighted this bathroom set. For those who like bold combinations, you can be inspired by this image.

Picture 21 – And for those who like discretion …

The light pink of this set is very discreet and soft, a good choice for anyone who does not want to compromise the rest of the bathroom decor.

Picture 22 – All matching: curtain, rug and towels in the bathroom set.

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