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Bathroom ceramics: complete visual guide to get inspired

Seeking practicality and beauty in the decoration of the residence is one of the most basic requirements for those who want to simplify daily tasks without giving up the look of the environment.

Therefore, when choosing any material, it is necessary to ascertain three characteristics for high efficiency: safety, beauty and harmony! With the bathroom, despite being a forgotten room, it’s no different! Their surfaces need a suitable coating for their proper functioning. Not to be outdone by traditional, bathroom ceramics are one of the best options in the home décor market when it comes to a wet area.

What is the difference between ceramic and tile?
Ceramics is the production of the clay piece, which takes on several shapes and finishes known as porcelain tiles , pellets , subway tiles , hexagonal tiles , marble and others.

The term tile also refers to a piece of ceramics, but of little thickness. Usually its square shape and its colorful pattern are the hallmarks of this type of coating. See more bathroom tile ideas .

Knowing this difference, it is easy to choose one of them and still leave the space with the desired style. Knowing how to combine this item with the rest of the decoration is the main starting point for a project. Playing with contrast or tone over tone is one of the options to make up your bathroom!

Bathroom ceramics: guide with main models
To keep you on top of decorating trends, we’ve separated 60 ceramic bathroom designs covering tips, designs, and how to match harmony and style:

Ceramic tablets

Picture 1 – The classic with a current footprint!


The square model is a classic in architecture, ranging from white to the old baby blue. Its basic shape gives room to spice up with other elements in the decoration. In the above design, the black details contrast with both ends of colors.

Picture 2 – The industrial air is in the small details.

The white tablet is also another basic coating in the decoration. To innovate the look, the solution was to give the style to the bathroom. Metallic fixtures, black fixtures and apparent pipes have been the personality touch to this bathroom.

Picture 3 – Fun just right.

Here, the crossword puzzle was the creative touch in the decoration. The arrangement of white and lettered tablets was this game enjoyed by adults and children.

Picture 4 – Colorful tablets make all the difference in a neutral bathroom.

Apply the colored tablet to some details of the bathroom. Thus you can highlight some constructive element, such as the recessed niche or the wall of the box.

Picture 5 – Innovate in the type of application of the tablet.

Bring beauty to the environment by using tablet strips. These small details make the difference in decoration!

Picture 6 – Neutral is the best way to insert some colored items.

For those with a neutral bathroom, they can incorporate color into their personal details on the wall, counter top, accessories, paint, and other features. The tablet adds value to the bathroom, just know how to use it to your advantage!


Bold Ceramic Bathroom Models

Picture 7 – Patterned ceramics bring dynamics to the bathroom walls.

In the market there are ceramics with designs, most with geometric or floral print. You can choose one of them to highlight the box, which is the most suitable place for this type of material.

Picture 8 – Round tablets offer the delicate touch to the bathroom.

The smaller the coating, the more delicate the environment becomes. In the case of the above project, the bathroom was lined with small round inserts. Dots of another color (white) create the effect on the wall, making the look much more feminine.

Picture 9 – Corten steel finish is a trend in decoration!

As in the decoration there are the darlings of the moment, the market solution is to meet those looking to replace these noble materials. There are porcelain tiles that reproduce the appearance of various finishes in architecture, such as the famous corten steel. Use and abuse this stuff in the bathroom!

Picture 10 – Mix two types of materials in the bathroom.

Mixing is never too much as long as it is done with harmony and balance. When there is color at some point, try to find harmony with a more neutral tone in another material.

Picture 11 – Contrast between floor and wall.

Even if you choose a neutral base on the wall, create a contrast to the floor. One tip is to bet on the geometric ones that provide an incredible effect on the surfaces.

Picture 12 – Merging harmoniously.

Another proposal that shows that mixing never hurts. Here, the mixture of porcenalate with the three-dimensional tile was harmonic due to the neutral color chart.

Picture 13 – Bathroom with black ceramic.

Picture 14 – 3D effect in the bathroom.

Three-dimensional flooring is an option for those who want a clean and modern bathroom, without having to compose with other elements (accessories and metals). It alone already highlights the entire bathroom.

Picture 15 – Geometric effect in the bathroom.

The rectangular pottery gains its modern version with the impression of geometric shapes. This model is ideal for those who want a fast, simple and easy to apply workforce.


White bathroom ceramics

Picture 16 – Create Contrasts!

Who says white pottery doesn’t have its charm? When so, look for a touch of color in the bathroom cabinet.

Picture 17 – Highlight other elements of the environment.

The lamp and cabinet cupboard were the highlight details of this bathroom. A white ceramic bathroom can get another look with a well-made composition.

Picture 18 – Apply some details in wood.

The wood can stand out even more over white. Look for details that do not interfere with the humidity of the environment, such as the niches and the door.

Picture 19 – Do something different in decoration.



Picture 20 – Visual balance.

The marble has its white appearance but with grayish stains. This appearance goes well with black, which can be applied to the wall and accessories.

Picture 21 – Clean style with modern airs.

Picture 22 – Bronze and marble: perfect match!

Combine these two trends in your bathroom. Copper-colored metals are becoming increasingly popular, as marble has become a hit print in many decorative pieces.

Picture 23 – Bigger plates create a more impact effect.

Look for large porcelain tiles to highlight the stains of marble. The entire bathroom covered with these pieces look good with dark metals and fixtures.


Wood-mimicking ceramics

Picture 24 – A touch of coziness!

Porcelain tiles that simulate wood are an alternative to having this finish in the bathroom, but efficiently. There are several shades, sizes and patterns. They leave any modern bathroom independent of the model.

Picture 25 – Drawing makes all the difference.

In the project above, the pagination with “clubs” was the stamp of the time.

Picture 26 – The charm of wood with the colorful touch.

Picture 27 – The floor that mimics wood is successful in bathrooms.

Woody flooring is one of the most used in a residence. And now it is possible to use and abuse your appearance in the bathroom with the wood-like ceramics .


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