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Bathroom Cabinet: 47 Models and How to Make the Right Choice

The bathroom cabinet plays an important role in organizing, protecting objects and decorating the environment. With limited space and plenty of items to organize, it may not be sufficient to rest them on the countertop or on shelves, so most projects rely on cabinet use.

Nowadays, in addition to the finished models, there are modern and sophisticated options that can be tailored with noble materials and different finishes. Taking into account the entire design of the bathroom, the cabinet can be designed to follow the same style of decoration for a harmonic solution.

An essential tip is to consider all dimensions and measures so as not to err in choosing. An off-sized enclosure may not open the door properly, or may not even snap into place. In smaller spaces, sliding door cabinets can be used, avoiding any space problem when opening doors.

Bathroom cabinet designs in modern designs
It is advisable to look at and evaluate different projects that use offices in creative ways, so you can absorb some ideas and applications for application in your own project. Here are some different solutions and different models of cabinets for your inspiration:

Picture 1 – Double bathroom with cabinet.

Picture 2 – Bathroom with dressing table.

For those who wear makeup, having a bathroom cabinet with a countertop and available space makes it easy to leave some objects at hand.

Picture 3 – Make a B&W combination in your bathroom.

If you use dark furniture, balance the walls with lighter colors and invest in good natural and artificial lighting.

Picture 4 – Minimalist cabinet model for bathroom.

Keep color, design and style in tune with the counter top and cabinet.

Picture 5 – Stainless steel handles add a touch of elegance to the cabinet.

In long drawers, the handles can be positioned in the same direction, making the bathroom look more refined and elegant. Another tip is to complement the decor of the environment with a carpet the same color as the closet.

Picture 6 – Opt for a discreet bathroom cabinet.

With its characterful décor, colorful door and tiled floor, the cabinet follows a classic line not to detract from these decorative elements.

Picture 7 – Wooden cabinet and blue formica.

With the sink built into the counter top, you lose space inside the cabinet, however, you gain counter top space.

Picture 8 – For a light-colored bathroom, opt for a cabinet the same color as the tub and counter top.

This model is a classic, but it can be disguised with this partition, can be a drawer and a cabinet with horizontal opening or as you prefer.

Picture 9 – The cabinet in white color illuminates the bathroom.

Picture 10 – A simple detail makes all the difference.

Replace the knobs with some woodworking detail. In addition to the distinctive touch it continues with the light look, even with the color tone.

Picture 11 – Add a touch of color to your bathroom.

A neutral bathroom can get any color you prefer.

Picture 12 – The combination of the beige workbench with the white cabinet is classic and modern.

This combination has no mistake, which is why we find it in various interior designs. The difference is the design and the measurement, because the combination is beautiful in any bathroom.

Picture 13 – Mirrored drawers make the bathroom elegant.

The small bathroom calls for light materials with few details. The mirror in the drawers complemented the decor and the suspended cabinet gave more spaciousness and lightness in the environment.

Picture 14 – Or if you prefer to opt for a cabinet with doors.

Picture 15 – The cabinet with lacquered finish camouflages itself with the smooth white counter top, forming a unique and clean composition.

Those who prefer can opt for a single bench with cabinet. The pure white stone together with a woodwork in the same color are the perfect pair in this proposal. Despite the high cost, the result is amazing!

Picture 16 – Contrast the decoration.

Picture 17 – Sliding doors are ideal for long benches.

Picture 18 – How about innovating in decoration and inserting an exclusive piece in your bathroom?

Picture 19 – Composition of wood with white is for those looking for modernity and neutral decoration.

Picture 20 – The detail of the scratches of the door bring all the charm to the decoration of the bathroom.

Despite the neutral color, the details of the three-dimensional flooring and the marked woodwork leave the bathroom with personality.

Picture 21 – Niche in another color breaks the monotonous look of the bathroom.

This is a cabinet model that can be used in any roomy bathroom: the vibrant or neutral formica-coated niches.

Picture 22 – Leave an open part of the cabinet to insert everyday objects.

Want to enhance the clean style of the bathroom? Try inserting leaked elements into the cabinet.

Picture 23 – Pink cabinet for bathroom.

Picture 24 – Cabinet with niches for towels.

Picture 25 – The white cabinet allows the use of color in some details of the cabinet making.

The blue detail in the cabinet contrasted with the casing’s lining, like a tone upon tone. The result is a clean bathroom, but with a splash of color.

Picture 26 – Gray cabinet for bathroom.

The straight lines reinforced this modern combination with a minimalist air.

Picture 27 – Break the white look of the bathroom with a wooden cabinet.

Picture 28 – Small bathroom cabinet.

Picture 29 – Cabinet with glass doors.

Picture 30 – Cabinet for girl’s bathroom.

Picture 31 – The detail of how the bench was designed leaves the modern look with a unique touch.

The cabinet can be embedded in some casing, making it more elegant. In this case it was the wood tops that further highlighted the white cabinet.

Picture 32 – Cabinet model for long sink.

Picture 33 – Blue cabinet for bathroom.


The cool thing about the cabinet is that you can insert hooks to support towels or a toilet paper holder.

Picture 34 – Cabinet with colored doors.

Picture 35 – Want a futuristic look? The rounded furniture leaves the result beautiful and with personality.

Picture 36 – Bathroom with gray countertop and wooden cabinet.

Picture 37 – Bathroom with closet planned.

For those who are having difficulty finding the right model for their bathroom, opt for a tailor-made specialized woodwork. This way, in addition to meeting your needs, you will have a unique furniture.

Picture 38 – Tall cabinet for bathroom.

Picture 39 – Monochrome bathroom.

Picture 40 – Bathroom cabinet with drawers and cabinets.

Picture 41 – Bathroom cabinet for Scandinavian decoration.

You can restore your old furniture to make a bathroom cabinet. In this case, a bookcase with a new painting and a stone counter top can already become an amazing cabinet for your environment.

Picture 42 – Cabinet with double bowl and drawers.

Picture 43 – Beautiful combination of fendi cabinet and beige stone counter top.

For a suite where the bathroom is apparent, opt for a cabinet lined with a nobler material such as lacquer, glass or marble.

Picture 44 – Cabinet with semi-fitting bowl

Picture 45 – Modern decoration for small bathroom.

Picture 46 – To give the look a lightness, leave a space between the workbench and the cabinet.

Picture 47 – Let the bathroom with an industrial touch with the use of materials.

This bathroom has its own style with the materials used, the subway tile and the rail lamp. The wooden cabinet further highlighted these materials for their darker hue and simple finish.

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