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Bar Cart: Essential Tips for Getting One at Home and Inspiring Photos

A bar trolley lends charm, class and elegance to your home decor, as well as being a practical and functional item. Do you believe that too? So stay here with us. We will tell you how to set up a bar cart and give you other useful tips so you can insert this piece in your home with style, come see:

Trolley bar: Why should you have one?

As its name suggests, the bar cart is a space dedicated to the storage and display of drinks, glasses, glasses and other accessories commonly used in a bar.

And that makes it a perfect option for those who want to have a bar at home, but don’t have much space available. This is already the first great reason for you to invest in a bar cart.

Want more? So note this tip: the bar cart, in most cases, has casters that make it easy to move around the environment, and can be transported from the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the balcony and so on.

The bar cart still has incredible aesthetic potential. You can match it to the decor using a model that matches the style of the environment, for example a wooden bar trolley for a classic, sober and elegant space or a metal bar trolley for modern environments with an industrial footprint.

How to assemble the bar cart

You have already set the ideal bar cart and have it there, ready to be put to use. But here comes the question, how to assemble this small space on wheels? Firstly, it is noteworthy that the bar cart is a decorative element, so do not overdo the amount of items that will be placed in it. Check out the list below for some indispensable items and plan your list based on your personal needs and tastes:

Check list of what can not miss in the bar cart

Drinks for all tastes: The bar cart serves both you and your visitors. So be sure to offer options for all tastes, meaning that it is interesting to put in the furniture from wines to bottles of whiskey, liquor, rum and vodka.

Non-Alcoholic Options : It is also interesting to have non-alcoholic beverage options such as soft drinks, juice and tonic water available.

Accessories : Bar that is bar needs to have some accessories that facilitate the preparation and time to serve the drinks. So, leave a reserved space in your bar cart for accessories such as corkscrews, ice picks, napkins, coasters, mixers, straws, among others.

Glasses and bowls : Where to serve drinks? In glasses and cups, obviously. So be sure to include these items in your bar cart planning. Keep in mind the main types, such as wine glasses and whiskey glasses, for example.

A little color and decor : And finally, add your personal touch to the bar cart by betting on small and potential decorative objects. It is worth using books, including to create different heights between bottles, flower pots, flower pots and art pieces. Don’t forget the wall where the cart usually sits. You can decorate it with mirrors and frames, creating an even more striking composition.

Where to use the bar cart?

The most used place for the bar cart is in the living room. But it is not limited to this space. You can even put it in the kitchen, the dining room, the hallway and even near the entrance hall. It will all depend on the type of decoration you are proposing with the cart.

Bar Cart Types

Today you can find endless bar cart models, which vary in design and material. To choose from so many options, the golden tip is to pay attention to the decoration that predominates in the environment where it will be exposed.

In classic and elegant environments, a good choice is the wooden or metal bar carts in colors such as gold, copper or rosé gold. Already in modern and funky spaces, a chrome or industrial-style bar cart may be the best way out.

How much does a bar cart cost?

Over the internet it is possible to have a good average bar cart prices. Just to give you an idea, the simplest models cost on average $ 250 to $ 500, while the most elaborate models can hit $ 2500.

20 bar cart models to inspire you

Check out a selection of bar cart images to inspire you and bring this proposal into your home too:

Picture 1 – Black metal bar trolley: flowers and standard bottles to ensure the beauty of the piece.

Picture 2 – Here, the bar made of wood and gold metal takes the sideboard of the sideboard.

Picture 3 – Bar cart ready to serve. Books help make the space more beautiful.

Picture 4 – The painting on the wall is all about the furniture next to it.

Picture 5 – Plants, cups, bottles, books … With organization it is possible to insert different elements in the bar cart.

Picture 6 – Chrome and acrylic metal bar trolley: perfect option for modern and funky environments.

Picture 7 – Bar trolley in circular shape to occupy that empty corner near the stairs.

Picture 8 – Wooden bar trolley in the living room: the favorite place of this type of furniture.

Picture 9 – Retro soul bar cart.

Picture 10 – The bar cart can be “invented” by you. This one, for example, has accumulated other functions over time.

Picture 11 – Super charming, this metallic round bar affection has been placed along with the houseplants.

Picture 12 – The bar trolley can also assume the function of coffee and tea trolley.

Picture 13 – White bar stand highlighted by the green of the plants.

Picture 14 – The bar cart that is in the kitchen can be taken wherever you want.

Picture 15 – Bar trolley of great proportions and in a passionate rustic style.

Picture 16 – That empty space under the stairs goes very well with a bar cart.

Picture 17 – How about a wall tapestry to increase the space for the bar cart?

Picture 18 – Bar stand for books and magazines.

Picture 19 – Black bar cart beyond elegant.


Picture 20 – Fruits are also great options to fill the bar cart.

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