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40 Simple and Small House Facades

The facade is a very important element in the construction of your home, as an elaborate project demonstrates that the interior of the house also follows the same language. And you can decorate it in a variety of ways to make it look simple. The small house has a cost advantage and it is also possible to work more on the details so that it is inviting and functional.

The main point to think about is the main entrance of the residence, try to make it imposing to get the visitor to enter. Having a well-kept flower garden is a great option that values ​​the color of neutral facades such as nude or white. If you want to cover her vision with the construction of a wall, prefer to use the glass wall, so you keep the facade visible. You can also use a metal hollow gate that has a great value for money.

Another way is to put wooden doors and windows in contrast to a vibrant paint. The use of colors is a great way to highlight some points of the facade, a tip is to invest in tone on tone. White is classic, so the combination is perfect with any other color. For those who want to dare, stone, brick and wood coverings are the most used. They can be inserted in a part of the facade, as in the main volumes or in a smaller part to highlight over the whole set.

The roof is an item that cannot be overlooked. The roof may be simple, but the color of the tile makes all the difference. If you want a modern language, try blending a mixed roof with exposed roof and plat band to make the combination harmonic.

To help you choose the right model for your home, see below 40 images of small and simple facades:

Picture 1 – Facade of small house with brick wall in sight.

Brick is a classic material that can be combined on the façade, and its cost for application is not too high.

Picture 2 – Facade of simple house with hidden roof

Picture 3 – Facade of small house with exposed roof

Picture 4 – Simple house facade with toothpick detail

This facade has a good amount of glazed windows, the sticks were applied in a strip, bringing a differential in contrast to the painting. There is also the wooden colored L-column which is interesting.

Picture 5 – Facade located on street corner.

This project enhances the exterior area of ​​the façade without compromising the corner side, where there is a wall closing the view from the outside. There are no garage gates or railings. The entrance has a peculiar hall with glass.

Picture 6 – Facade of simple house with two floors

Picture 7 – Small house facade with brick detail and white paint

Picture 8 – Facade of simple house with balcony.

Picture 9 – Facade of small house with garage.

Picture 10 – Simple and single storey house facade

This is a project for those who have more limited land and prefer a single storey house over a townhouse. Although simple the roof has cutout details.

Picture 11 – Facade with brown and white paint

A simple house with 3 levels on the roof and small size. Ideal for smaller terrain. The facade blends well with the colors and keeps the house with a modern look.

Picture 12 – Facade with wood detail

Picture 13 – Facade of small house with open garage

The open garage gives a complete view of the residence and increases the breadth of the ground. Ideal for those who live in safe neighborhoods and private condominiums.

Picture 14 – Facade of simple house with roof and solar panel system

Picture 15 – Facade with opponent entrance

Picture 16 – Small house facade with rectangular windows

In this proposal, the facade of the house has a modern look despite being simple and ground floor. Rectangular windows give a different effect from the traditional one. The bricks have a lighter color and the front garden brings the design to life.

Picture 17 – Facade of simple house with pergola in the entrance.

In this project, the garage is partially covered and the pergola creates an interesting effect on the side, especially if used with plants.

Picture 18 – Facade with glass cloth.

Picture 19 – Facade of small house in earthy tones.

Picture 20 – Facade of simple house with stone columns

The stone columns are present on both the front of the facade and on the side of the project. In addition, the facade has some wooden details in the corner and next to the garage.

Picture 21 – Wooden filleted facade and window with white frame

A facade with modern architecture, straight lines, recessed roof and materials that value the residence as a whole.

Picture 22 – Small house facade with exposed roof and wooden column to highlight the entrance.

The wood-lined column separates the garage from the entryway. There is also an L-shaped glass window on the left side of the project.

Picture 23 – Small house facade with large downstairs balcony

Picture 24 – Small house facade with green paint details

In an apparent roof design, wood was used extensively in the façade design, both in the front door, garage, roof eave and the wall of the room that appears on the side.

Picture 25 – Facade of small house without residential wall.

Picture 26 – Facade of small house with eaves in red paint.

Picture 27 – Facade of small house with pilings.

Picture 28 – Facade of small house with mixed roof.

Picture 29 – Facade of small house with grid gate.

Picture 30 – Facade of small house with large windows.

In this proposal, the townhouse has a bolder design for a narrow terrain with a curvy driveway.

Picture 31 – Facade of small house with stone coated column going through the roof.

Picture 32 – Small house facade with floor to ceiling windows.

Picture 33 – Facade of small house with porch at the entrance.

Picture 34 – Facade of small house in stone.

Picture 35 – Facade of small landscaped house at the entrance.

Picture 36 – Facade of small house with small balcony.

Picture 37 – Facade of small house with mirrored window.

Picture 38 – Facade of small house with lake at the entrance.

Picture 39 – Small house facade with brown paint details.

Picture 40 – Facade of small house with white apparent eave.

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