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30 Designs of L-Houses with Plans and Photos

L-home designs are made from specific choices, based on the roles a home design must have within a site. The great advantage of this model is to create a fenced area for leisure with balconies, pool or garden.

As with any project, you need to be aware of the natural light that this fenced area can receive during the day: single-storey houses allow a higher incidence of sunlight, while the houses block more this incidence and ventilation due to volumes and height. largest of the building.

Another advantage is the privacy afforded by this type of project, as well as the integration where the kitchen can be designed to the rear, as well as a play area with barbecue or balcony.

30 L home designs to inspire you

For a better understanding, here are some selected L-house designs that will inspire you with photos. At the end of the post, check out 3 L-floor plans for you to use as a reference when designing your home, and if you want, check out other models of floor plans . Check out:

Picture 1 – Double bottom in L with wood flooring, pool area and leisure space.

This project values ​​the living area, with gourmet leisure space around the pool, so residents and guests have a private space for fun.

Picture 2 – Modern L-shaped house with rooms facing the pool.

The space has integration between indoor and outdoor environments, with the use of glass in the residence.

Picture 3 – Modern house with L-shaped concrete cladding in the back area.

In this project, the entire residence is surrounded with glass, leaving the complete view of the rooms and environments.

Picture 4 – Large house model with wood flooring, large windows and stones in the walls.

Picture 5 – Modern villa with wood flooring and sloping profiles facing the leisure area.

The L-shaped construction has a fluid appearance following the sloping roof of the house.

Picture 6 – Modern L house with project facing the conservatory .

No need to have a play area. L-shaped houses can be facing the front area or even laterally. A landscaping project completes and decorates this space according to the preference of the residents.

Picture 7 – Large L-shaped house project with wood flooring.

Sliding doors allow the complete opening of the indoor environment to the outdoor area, making it a perfect and integrated area for leisure.

Picture 8 – House facade in L.

Picture 9 – Model of house in L with wood flooring.

This project faces the front area of ​​the land, where there is an entrance path and landscaped garden.

Picture 10 – House project in L for the back area and leisure.

This townhouse has a white paint finish and the back ground area has a lawn garden and a swimming pool.

Picture 11 – House project in L overlooking the pool.

This L-home project is focused on winter: here the pool is surrounded by a conservatory with white stones and specific plants of this type of garden.

Picture 12 – American house in L with stone and wood materials in the facade.

In this modern American-style house, the façade is interspersed with wood and stone, forming a harmonious composition.

Picture 13 – Modern L-building with ground floor.

Picture 14 – Townhouse in modern L in wood and metallic structure.

This house has been designed for country areas, with finishes reminiscent of rusticity such as wood and stone. Metal structures balance the visual composition. The L-shape allows the highlighting of one of the volumes.

Picture 15 – Single storey concrete house in L format.

Concrete is a modern and very resistant material. In this project, it is used on the walls and roof of the residence. The whole project has a clean visual look.

Picture 16 – House in ground floor with swimming pool.

This project also has a small area with fireplace. for the colder days of winter.

Picture 17 – House in L with two floors, wood and black metallic structure.

Picture 18 – American style house in L.

Picture 19 – Model of house in modern L with white painting with glasses for the living and kitchen.

In this project, the slightly higher floor living and the kitchen have access to the pool area, keeping all these environments integrated.

Picture 20 – Same project as seen from a new perspective.

Picture 21 – House project in american L.

Picture 22 – Project of modern L single storey house with landscaping project and swimming pool.

The landscape design is the highlight of this house, the coconut trees, grass and other shrubs make a difference in the architectural look of the residence.

Picture 23 – Large and spacious L single storey house.

Picture 24 – Modern Townhouse in L.

An imposing L-shaped mansion to the back of the ground.

Picture 25 – Model of modern townhouse in L.

Picture 26 – Modern loft with stone cladding on the facade.

Picture 27 – Modern L single storey house with front lawn.

Picture 28 – Modern american house in L with garden and entrance way.

Picture 29 – Townhouse in L with pool.

Picture 30 – Model of L single storey house with lighting project.

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