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3 Bedroom House Plans: Check 33 Modern Design Ideas

Engineers and architects are the professionals responsible for creating house plans . But nothing prevents you from seeking referrals to make sure your project will stay the way you always dreamed. In today’s post, you will check out 33 different models of free 3 bedroom house plans.

After all, a 3 bedroom home may be simple but it can also be pure luxury. It can be a single storey, with a suite and a closet, with a garage, American kitchen, there are countless possibilities and everything will depend on your budget and the style you want to give to your future home.

Check each one carefully and show the professional who will lead your project. In all, we have selected three options: three-bedroom house plans and one floor plan, three-bedroom and two-floor house plans and three-bedroom apartment plans:

House plans with 3 bedrooms and with a floor

Picture 1 – House plan with 3 bedrooms, pool and games room.

The large and rectangular terrain allowed the construction of a spacious house and well-positioned rooms. At the entrance, the living room with balcony gives access to the kitchen. The rooms were placed in the background, and the first two have a bathroom in common. Already the bedroom of the couple has a large suite and closet and, to close, a balcony overlooking the pool.


Picture 2 – Large house plan with 3 bedrooms and American kitchen.


Picture 3 – House plan with 3 rooms without suites and integrated environments.


Picture 4 – Main suite separated from the other rooms.


Picture 5 – Suite only for the couple.

In this three-bedroom house plan, the suite is one of the largest rooms in the house. The other bedrooms have access to a shared bathroom. Social environments were valued by integration.


Picture 6 – House plan with 3 bedrooms in 3D.


Picture 7 – Simple house plan, with 3 bedrooms and garage.

Picture 8 – House plan with 3 suites and privileged external area.


Picture 9 – House plan with 3 bedrooms and entrance through the garage.


Picture 10 – Kitchen welcomes who arrives in this house plan with 3 rooms.

In this plan, the environments are not integrated. The kitchen, the first room of the house is accessed by a door. Another door gives access to the living room, while the rooms, without a suite, are located in the back of the house.

Image 11 – Large and spacious rooms are the hallmarks of this project.


Picture 12 – Simple house plan with 3 bedrooms and living room with integrated kitchen.


Picture 13 – House plan with 3 bedrooms and vacancy for two cars in the garage.


Picture 14 – House plan with 3 bedrooms and winter garden.


Picture 15 – Small house and well planned .

This is a house plan for those who want something simple, not very large, but absolutely well distributed to meet the needs of the whole family, leaving space still for an outside grassy area with garage.

Picture 16 – House plan with 3 rooms next to each other; in front of the house are the kitchen, dining room and living, all integrated.


Plans of houses with 3 rooms and 2 floors

Picture 17 – House plan with 3 bedrooms: rooms above, social area downstairs.

In this project, the 200 square meters were well distributed on two floors. The lower floor concentrates the social areas like living room, dining room and kitchen. Upstairs are the bedrooms, where only one is a suite. In this house, all rooms have a private balcony.

Picture 18 – House floor plan with 3 bedrooms and pool


Picture 19 – Top floor concentrates the rooms and a home theater.


Picture 20 – In this plan, the TV room separates the suite from the other rooms.


Picture 21 – Downstairs, the suite; Upstairs, the single rooms.


Picture 22 – In this plan, the living room gives access to stairs.


The large house privileges the rooms on the top floor. The double suite has a walk-in closet, while the single rooms have private balconies. The double bedroom overlooks the pool of the house.

Picture 23 – Separate living room and kitchen; on the upper floor, the double bedroom has closet, en suite and balcony.


Picture 24 – House plan with two floors, 3 bedrooms, gourmet area and garage for two cars.


Picture 25 – Plans of houses with 3 rooms: large balcony for the room of the couple.


Picture 26 – House plan with 3 bedrooms and garage in the basement.


Picture 27 – Three bedroom townhouse with garage.

The townhouses have the advantage of taking better advantage of the land and planning an unthinkable project for a single storey house. Thinking about it, take advantage of a large closet with a suite and of course, do not dispense a good balcony to enjoy the view, just like this plant of the image.

Picture 28 – Ground floor with integrated environments; upper floor with bedrooms, all with en suite.


Picture 29 – House plan with two floors: 3 bedrooms, two toilets and only one bathroom.


Picture 30 – House plan with 3 floors: rooms are on the second floor; on the third floor, a weight room.


Picture 31 – Flexibility in the plan with 3 rooms.

In this project, the option was to build a versatile room where you can work, watch TV or turn the sofa into a bed if you have a guest in the house. The balcony in the suite guarantees the need of the residents to have a mini gym inside the apartment.

Picture 32 – 3 bedroom apartment plan and gourmet kitchen .

Gourmet cuisines are part of modern designs and could not be left out of apartment plans. In this project, the kitchen is in the center of the house and is immediately seen by those who arrive at the house. Integrated to it are the living room and the dining room. The rooms are at the end, one of them with a suite.

Picture 33 – Floor plan of 3 rooms with ample entrance hall .

In this plant, the entrance hall stands out for its size. The social bathroom is located in this environment of the house, next to it, on the left, it is possible to reach the social area and to one of the rooms. On the right, he leads to the main suite. And, following straight, the hall leads to the kitchen and the other room.

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