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24 Photos of Small house models, designs and plans

The dream of home ownership interferes a lot when it comes to investment. But not always the way out is to save money to have a mansion with numerous rooms. On the contrary, opting for models of small houses is a possibility to make it even more different and cozy. After all, it’s not the size of the area that defines beauty and comfort!

The advantage of a small construction is the economy of materials and consequently the construction time. This adds a lot to the decision at the time of construction, as often a traditional home can take twice as long, changing all financial and personal planning.

Small house models: how to design and decorate?

For the start make a needs program with all the rooms and functions the residents want. For example, the bedroom to have a sleeping space, the home office to work in, a playroom if the child wants to play, a TV room to watch movies and so on.

The important thing is to insert the basic environments, such as bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, with minimum dimensions of ergonomics. And if about area in your land, try to insert extra environments such as a TV room , the office, a gourmet balcony and even the playroom. Another option is to extend existing environments by turning the bedroom into a closet suite, the living room into a larger one, or a work desk into a home office.

To live in a small house model , one needs organization, as each choice represents the family’s form of housing. The layout you print in each corner is what makes all the difference and harmony of this house!

Knowing how to define the style of the house is also one of the important criteria for small construction. Here are some small house designs and designs that help make this moment more inspiring:

Modern small house models

The models of small modern houses stand out by straight lines, the lack of roof and neutral colors.

To highlight these straight lines of the house you need to work with an orthogonal architecture, which follows the square or rectangular shape. The use of a platband roof helps a lot to form the linear design of the house. Windows and doors also come in geometric shapes and large sizes to remember this linearity, so it is very common to use glass panels that show elegance and sophistication in the facade.

Neutral colors depend greatly on the combination of cladding on the facade . The style abuses wood in its construction, which blends with other lighter coatings creating a visual contrast!

Picture 1 – In the models of small houses: use the obligatory setback of the ground in your favor!

Picture 2 – Despite a small house model, the construction abuses of noble and modern materials.

Picture 3 – The single storey house gains a different and modern volume.

Picture 4 – Small house model: take advantage of the surrounding landscape to integrate the inside with the outside.

Picture 5 – Small house model: take advantage of the terrain template to make the most of the house.

Contemporary style small house models

The houses with contemporary style have simple lines and shapes, so the contemporary in architecture is something that mixes the new, the modern and the minimalism. Its main features are the large windows and spacious indoor areas, usually with a high ceiling to have the feeling of spaciousness.

The facade is seen with large openings forming a set of volumes and high quality materials. It is very common to see volumes jutting out of the facade with some prominent finish. Already the hollow elements create lightness in the look with small openings in glass.

Picture 6 – The exterior cladding of this house demonstrates the style of the building.

Picture 7 – The position and shape of the windows gave a dynamic to the facade!

Picture 8 – When architecture makes all the difference!

Picture 9 – Narrow terrain has not prevented from having a beautiful and cozy little house model!

Picture 10 – The front of the house is used as a void in construction.

Models of traditional small houses

The traditional houses do not have much secret! Paint finishes with some apparent brick structural element are a classic combination for a traditional facade!

The garden is an integral part of the façade, as mid-rise buildings are common in this architectural line and the green areas contrast with the neutrality of the house, harmonizing the look.

There are also small chalet-style houses that show warmth and are usually made of wood. The cost of this type of house is lower than masonry, being a good option for those who want a more economical construction.

Picture 11 – Small floating house model.

Picture 12 – This small house model is for those who do not give up the parking space.

Picture 13 – Chalet style is an option for a land amidst nature!

Picture 14 – The apparent roof is a striking feature in a traditional house model.

Picture 15 – With the balcony in the entrance, this model did not give up a modern touch in the facade.

Container Small House Models

Increasingly common, container housing represents a lifestyle! There are solutions for large families, for young couples and even for single people. Interestingly, they are often cheaper than conventional buildings.

Containers are rigid and lightweight metal structures, produced in standard format that offer flexibility of modular elements. They are made to fit one another, forming any type of layout.

In the execution of the facade you can use water-based paints, solar panels, green roof, pet insulation, among other sustainable building applications.

Picture 16 – Small and complete house model for a couple!

Image 17 – Although small, the ceiling height facilitates the distribution of rooms.

Picture 18 – Versatility counts a lot in this proposal!

Picture 19 – To a greater extent, this house abuses of modernity.

Picture 20 – Still room for a small balcony.

Picture 21 – L-shaped container house

Picture 22 – To give bold air mix metallic structure and concrete in your container house.

Picture 23 – It is possible to build container house with more floors.

Picture 24 – For glass panels, invest in a curtain for added privacy.

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